About: The Blooming Butterfly

Who am I? 

I’m Sensi, a college senior blogging about my journey from college to life and all the struggles, growth, and lessons that come along with adulting. I also post the best tips for surviving college!

I’ve always chosen the safe route in fear failure. This blog challenges me to step outside of my comfort zone to help others and make their transition a little easier.

Fun facts about me:
  • I love singing: I will outperform anybody despite my limited vocals. I’m in my prime in my shower concerts.
  • I’m sarcastic: Sarcasm is honestly my first language. I’d also like to think that I’m funny.
  • I love traveling: I grew up in St. Lucia and moved to the U.S. on November 21, 2013. Most of my travels so far are domestic because it works with a college budget and schedule, and I also want to see more of the continent before I go abroad.
  • I’m a Pisces: which explains why I live inside my head.


The Background Story: Why Blogging?

Well first, you can read more about my ‘why’ here. But let me explain why I made it public.

I always look for sources of motivation and inspiration to get me going. This includes social media accounts, books, podcasts, blogs, etc. However, in my search for blogs, I mainly found bigger blogs that are catered to a broad audience and contained a lot of generic info and tips that I couldn’t really relate to on a personal level. I wanted to create a more personable environment for people my age who are trying to figure their life out – whether you’re about to graduate college or you already graduated and you’re still trying to get it together.

I included all my posts about my doubts and struggles that I published privately, before developing a positive mindset. I was skeptical at first but after talking to a few of my friends, I realized that I wasn’t the only one feeling that way. As a result, I’m taking a leap of faith and publishing my vulnerabilities in hopes that I can help/uplift young women my age.


Why the name?


I chose The Metamorphosis because, in my first post, I talked about how this was the start of something new for me; the beginning of my personal growth journey with my new found positive mindset.


So what do I blog about?

Initially, this was just my online diary to document my personal growth. Now, I want to help you as well.

I’ll post my experiences as long as I believe they’ll be beneficial to you. I’ll also include my travel stories, college tips and life hacks in general. The purpose of this blog is not only to document my journey but to also help you. 

Wanna know what resources I’ve used for motivation?