College Reveal: Fun Ways of Announcing Your College Acceptance

The facade of a college admissions building at daytime.

Getting and choosing a college university is such a big decision. Discovering where you’ll be attending school is a big deal, so try to be polite and kind while letting it sink in.

A decision on which college you have accepted an offer from is an extremely important event that deserves praise even if you aren’t able to share the news in person because of the pandemic. 

As well as other joyful occasions, such as how others prepare a day for their baby’s gender reveal party, it’s also nice to do something special for your college reveal admittance announcement.

Let everyone know the next major step in your life by sharing a #collegereveal on social media. To help you take your college reveal to the next level, we searched through social media for the most imaginative announcements.

The 13 Fun Ways of Announcing Your College Acceptance

Customized College Balloon Sculpture


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Customized balloon sculptures are a unique and exciting way to liven up your big college reveal! You have them personalized into any schools or universities that have sent you college acceptance letters. Add a twist to it! 

You may celebrate it with your friends, see yourself form a line for each balloon sculpture, and see who else is attending you.

College Custom Cake Reveal

Source: @couturecupcakery

Cakes are more than simply sweets. And they are also made to give messages. Have them personalized with your top two to three college universities! 

Play a small game of guessing with your invited family and friends for your college reveal! Where will you go? Also, maybe add consequences to those who are wrong, and a reward for those who are correct!

Fun Photoshoot with Friends


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If you and your pals aren’t the sort to host parties and you prefer to spend time taking photos instead, these are the ones for you! Wear your customized shirt that features your chosen university or school. 

Or add a little spice by wearing just the colors indicated by the school, and take some fun pictures with your best friends! Don’t forget to include the hashtag #collegereveal in your post.

College Reveal Tees

Source: @sincerelyyours_atl

If you’re feeling a little extra for your college reveal party, have personalized university tees to wear as a change of clothing throughout the event!  Alternatively, you could use the first shirt as a cliffhanger and then change into the customized college shirt just before revealing the big reveal. Keep in mind that you must cover it before the announcing moment!

College Reveal Balloon Pop


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Another one for the balloons to compete with! However, a giant balloon is required for this one. Have it customized with the names of the colleges or universities, then have it burst in front of your guests to reveal the big college reveal hidden within the balloon.

College Reveal Balloon Bouquet

Source: @jerseygirlballoons

Isn’t it true that balloons are trendy for college reveals? Balloon bouquets last much longer than flower bouquets. Include this personalized balloon bouquet that is based on the university or school’s motif. 

A beautiful background for your celebration! The truth is, this one would make a wonderful present as well!

College Reveal Explosion Box


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This is a very creative and entertaining way to announce your college acceptance. It is possible to have it ordered or to do it on your own time. Finding a large box and painting it in neutral colors to prevent misunderstanding is all it takes. Then, fill it with balloons, papers, confetti, banners, a flag, or even the logo of your chosen university or school!

College Reveal Apple Candies

Source: @suckerpunchsweets

Desserts are really something! For your big college reveal, use these customized apple candies to play a game. You could have it customized with your college colors or have something to eat that contains a surprise. It’s a friendly game to play with your pals to celebrate and reveal that prestigious school.

Strawberries for College Reveal

Source: @suckerpunchsweets

Another dessert recipe to add to the list! Thank you to our baker friends for the chocolate-coated strawberries! Have fun selecting the perfect chocolate-coated strawberries that have the logo of your chosen school or university to share with your family and friends.

College Reveal Acrylic Boxes

Source: @justbecausetreats

If you’re looking for a way to announce your college reveal with a gift, this is the one for you! Fill those acrylic boxes with candy that are the same color as your school or university’s logo or colors. 

You could choose to disclose it via a sticker attached to the acrylic box, or you could simply leave it as is with the colors so that they may message you back and play a guessing game with you!

Breakable Candies College Reveal


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The announcement of another college admission may also come in the form of a gift, which may be given away to friends and family members. Each of these chocolate sweets is wrapped with a surprise that is revealed when the candy is broken apart with the wooden mallet. Include your college acceptance letter, as well as sweets, chocolates, and a ribbon that represents the university of your choosing.

Countdown College Reveal

Source: @cheermom4lfe

This is another creative method to announce your college acceptance that won’t hurt your wallet. Make a unique piece of content for your social media accounts. You may start with the school or university that you would least want to attend and gradually build up the video up to your final choice. 

You might use balloons to make it more lively, or you could create a customized backdrop that matches the colors of your university. Never forget to use the hashtag #collegereveal!

College Party Mirror Reveal

Source: @calligraphybyct

Are you a fan of memorabilia? Your college reveals event will be a lot more fun with this one! Make use of this mirror, which has an associated university logo that you may use for your announcement if you so want. 

You may wear the university shirt and let them see your reflection in the mirror while announcing, or have your friends participate in a game by writing their names and showing the area of their preferred school or university.

How to Share Your Decision on College Admissions

Give Time to Assimilate

Take an hour or longer to digest your admission decisions. It’s great if your first choice accepted you. If you’re waitlisted on your first option, remember that there is still a possibility of getting in and that there are things you can do to improve your chances.

To be practical, identify all of the sound characteristics of the colleges you were admitted to. College students who are rejected should know that they can discover excellent chances and make great friends at any other school that accepts them.

Keep Your Cool

A guy receiving the good news of his college acceptance, smiling and keeping his cool.

Remember to respect your friends and colleagues, mainly if you applied to the same university as them as you wait for the news. If you have wonderful news, don’t instantly post it on social media. Plan everything out first, and when you are ready, announce the good news. 

But if you have sad news, keep it to yourself first. Prepare to face unpleasant questions. Just because something didn’t turn out as planned doesn’t mean others aren’t thrilled about it. You may refuse to explain, but congratulate those who’ve been accepted.

Applaud Others’ Successes

It’s great to be excited if you’re pleased with your admissions choices, but you should also stay optimistic and be supportive of your pals. As time goes by, those emotions will diminish, but you’ll still have them as friends, even if you have to go to different universities.

Whichever way you decide to approach telling your loved ones about your college acceptance, you’ll undoubtedly find a unique approach to your own personality in our article. I wish you good luck in all your future endeavors!

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