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10 Backpack Essentials Every College Student Must Have

This post is all about backpack essentials every college student needs.

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If you’re a big planner like I am, then you’ve probably wondered what things you need to put in your backpack for college.

Sure, it’s easy to just throw a bunch of stuff in, but it can get disorganized really easily that way. And then the worst part is not having something when you need it.

This post is going to show you 10 backpack essentials you absolutely need to make your life a lot easier in college.

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Backpack Essentials:

1. Wallet

pink wallet

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Duh! You’re definitely going to need your wallet with your debit/credit or gift cards.

If you have quite a bit of stuff to hold in your wallet, then you should opt for a bigger one. If not, a smaller one will do just fine.


2. Lip balm

carmex chapstick - backpack essentials

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Chapped lips will never be a thing.

Make sure you always keep your lip balm in your backpack in case you eat or if it’s cold outside. Your lips tend to get drier then.

Personally, I keep two in different pockets just in case one runs out (I really hate dry lips!)


3. Laptop

apple laptop for college courses

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You absolutely need a laptop for college! The library is always available, but a laptop is more convenient. (P.S. If you don’t have one just yet, check to see if your library has some available)

I took my laptop with me to my nonmajor classes (I majored in accounting, so I preferred to write in those classes).

Sometimes your professor will talk really fast, making it hard to take good notes. In that case, it’s easier to type your notes up if they aren’t already provided.

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4. Binders/notebooks

binder for college students

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colorful mead notebooks

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In some classes, it’s better to write your notes instead of typing them up. That way, they commit to memory.

You can either get binders and notebook paper for this purpose or get spiral notebooks (I used both).

I’d recommend the 1″ binders instead of the larger ones because they can be bulky and heavy to carry. Get a 1″ binder for each class; that way you can switch them out easily according to your schedule.

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5. Hand lotion

jergens hand lotion - backpack essentials

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If you’re like me, you hate dry skin. I absolutely hate having dry hands, so I keep some hand lotion on me at all times!

They definitely come in handy when it’s cold because winter really dries your skin out.


6. Pocket Tissue

kleenex tissues - backpack essentials

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Major, major, major backpack essential!

These are often overlooked when shopping for college but they definitely come in handy.

You never know when you’ll accidentally spill something while eating or have to wipe some water off your desk. Save yourself a trip to the bathroom to get some tissue and carry your own.


7. Planner

planner for backpack essentials

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Another important backpack essential!

One minute you’ll have one assignment that’s due in a week. Then you’ll blink and have 6 papers, 3 exams, 4 events to attend, 2 quizzes, and 1 overdue assignment to turn in the next week.

This is when you will absolutely need a planner to stay organized.


8. Pens & Pencils

mechanical pencils - backpack essentials
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bic pens backpack essentials

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Can’t take notes without them right?

I’d recommend these mechanical pencils (pictured above) because they are absolutely amazing and the eraser is so smooth. I also love the feel of the pens mentioned above as well.

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9. Gum or Mints

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We’ve all had an experience when someone was just a little too close and personal with us when their breath wasn’t exactly pleasing. (Hopefully, that wasn’t you! haha)

These are great to have on hand so you can have minty breath all day.


10. Emergency kit

mini bag for toiletries

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If you’re a girl you already know. I’m talking pads, tampons, wipes, etc, etc. Whatever it is you like to keep in your emergency kit; make sure you have it at all times!


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10 backpack essentials every college student must have


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