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50 Best Graduation Gifts all Grads will LOVE

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Graduation gifts 2020

With graduation season quickly approaching, we need to double check the list of graduates that we have! From your little sister, your 2nd cousin, and the next-door neighbor’s son you’ve grown up with your whole life – you have a variety of people to shop for.

Of course, you can go the route of buying them a card with a couple bucks inside. But, where’s the personality in that?

Although money would be great to some, show them that you really know them with the best graduation gifts that they will love!

Listed below, we have some of the best graduation gift ideas for everyone this year.


Best Graduation Gifts for 2020

1. Alexa With Smart Speaker Tech

For graduation gifts that anyone will love, you gotta get an Alexa. They are beyond handy and can even help with day-to-day chores and reminders!

2. “Make Your Bed” Book

Although you may think that the last thing they want to do is ever look at another book again, this one is different. Written by Admiral William H. McRaven, he talks about the importance of little, healthy habits and applying them every day.

3. Samsung Soundbar

Wherever they go in this world, they will need the sound of music! Some awesome graduation gift ideas can be getting them a Bluetooth soundbar to connect to their TVs or phones.

4. Yoga Mat

Hey, yoga is great for everyone! If you have a fitness enthusiast on the list, this one is sure to be very helpful for the outdoor classes they’ll take this summer!

5. Adidas Headphones

These headphones are the best in the biz currently. Sweat and waterproof – they are ideal for the active graduate in your life.

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6. Kodak Camera

Help support the dreams of your artistic graduate. This is the best graduation gift idea for them because it shows you are taking steps to invest in their future and dreams alongside them.

7. Keurig + Set Up

If there is something they found a love for during their schooling, it’s the love of coffee and late nights. Their coffee maker probably has some wear and tear on it at this point, so refresh their Keurig with a new one to settle them in for adulthood.

8. Instant Pot

Another appliance that any recent grad needs to have is an Instant Pot. You just throw your food and go – how great is that?

9. Neck Massager

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Come on now, they’ve been through a lot! They deserve to be treated to a deep-tissue, heated massage when they are at home!

10. Crave Box

A little bit of everything to celebrate a job well done. Getting a Crave Box will be perfect for someone just graduating who might need a few snacks after all those term papers.

11. Easy College Cookbook

Whether they just graduated high school and are prepping for the big leagues of college or if they graduated from college prepping for REAL adulthood – anyone would love this book of cheap and easy meals to make.

12. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Everyone practices aromatherapy these days and I don’t blame them. Give them an at-home spa feel with this diffuser.

13. Bamboo Tumbler + Tea Infuser

Not only can you save the environment with this awesome reusable bottle, but also can infuse tea into any of your drinks! Save the environment and money!

14. Car Phone Mount

Afraid of them texting and driving or keeping their eyes on their Google Maps instead of the road? This phone mount they can adjust on their dash keeps their eyes on the road and phone safely out of hand.

15. Multiple Charging Station

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Another great electronic enhance for your graduate is this multiple device charging station. They probably have accumulated a few devices over the years of schooling so they def will need this.

16. Indoor S’Mores Maker

Now this is kind of a more juvenile / silly gift but who honestly doesn’t like s’mores? Anyone would appreciate a s’mores maker, as long as you provide the ingredients, too!

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17. Herschel Duffle Bag

The Herschel brand has become a big name lately for their stylish and durable bags. Going into adulthood, you never know when you’re going to need a good, sturdy duffle bag every now and then!

18. Tic Tac Toe Shots

Hey, we’re all mature here! This game is going to be the life of the party and you’re going to be the coolest aunt/uncle ever.

19. Teeth Whitening Kit

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With a new chapter closing, it means another one begins! Get your graduate the best graduation gift by the gift of pearly whites!

20. Weighted Blanket

Nowadays, a weighted blanket can serve many purposes. A constant cuddle, motivation to stay in bed to recover from a hangover, or even a way to meditate before going about your day.


Graduation Gifts for Her

21. Inspirational Bracelet

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The perfect addition to her cap and gown. A beautifully engraved bracelet with an inspirational saying will be something she cherishes forever.

22. “You Are a Badass” Book

You went through the hardest part – now apply all that you learned in and out of the classroom to kick ass through life. This book is all about unlocking your potential and quieting self-doubt.

23. Mud Mask

Give your girl some pampering because she just went through a lot! This Dead Sea mud mask is perfect for refining skin and clearing out pores.

24. Daisy by Marc Jacobs

This classic and beautiful perfume is really a fabulous graduation gift for her. Between the stunning bottle and scent, she will love you for her new signature smell!

25. HAUS Lab Makeup

Lady Gaga recently released her new makeup line – HAUS. With tons of beautiful colors to let out your inner Monster, you will find something that your graduating girl will love.

26. Removable Wallpaper

No matter where they go in this world, us girls tend to like to make things our own. If they’re renting or can’t decide on a color in a home – removable wallpaper is perfect to leave no stains and not lose any deposits.

27. Fragrance Candle Warmers

With beautiful scents and designs, these candle warmers are ideal for any home or office! These are great for apartments that don’t allow lit flame candles in their homes.

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28. Initial Earrings

One of the best graduation gifts for her can be so simple, yet so personal. Initial earrings are perfect for any gal on your list.

29. “Girl, Wash Your Face” Book

One of the best-selling books of 2019, Rachel Hollis encourages women of all walks of life to learn to build and love the life they live. Her message comes from her informing you on becoming who you are meant to be.

30. Essie Nail Polish

With hundreds of different ways to express yourself, nail polish is a great way for you to do so! Essie is awesome since they are both inexpensive and long-lasting with a range of styles for anyone.

31. Sun Hat

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Graduation season means that it is officially summertime! Get your stylish diva a floppy, fancy sun hat to add safety and fashion to her wardrobe this summer.

32. Mini Backpack

One of the newest fashion trends, a mini backpack is perfect for an occasion! With so many styles and colors now, you are sure to find one that is the best for your graduate.

33. Kate Spade Office

Every woman’s office space needs to not only be organized, but also be personalized! This Kate Spade organizer does both and adds a boost of color to any place.

34. Selfie Ring Light

You already know she’s beautiful, but don’t you want to get the best graduation gift for her? She can clip this ring light onto her phone to take even cooler selfies than before!

35. Rose Gold Copper Mugs

Not much is better than rose gold + adorable Pinterest-y copper mugs. This set of 4 is perfect for your girl to have a fun, IG worthy girls’ night in!


Graduation Gifts for Him

36. Bro Mask

Who said dudes can’t love a face mask, too? These face masks are designed perfectly as a graduation present for him that will clean up his face and brighten the skin!

37. Poker Set

Poker nights are for the boys! Your graduate will love this all-inclusive poker set so he can host the best poker nights around (and hopefully win a few bucks, too!)

38. Engraved Flask

Now obviously depending on the age, this an awesome graduation gift for him. Engrave with his name and he’s going to take this flask to allll the festivals and thank you later!

39. Whiskey Globe

Men tend to find whiskey their “go-to” drink. Let him keep it on display in this cool, see-through globe they will keep it high-quality and untouched.

40. Watch Organizer

Now that they are quickly approaching careers that may require business attire, they can now have a place to put their watches. It’s much nicer than the bed stand, right?

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41. Classic Flannel

No man can be caught without a classic flannel nowadays! These are soft, fashionable, and not to mention easy on the eyes for the ladies.

42. Comfy Robe

Because who doesn’t love to be swaddled in comfort? Get your dude this cozy and full-length robe for their lazy Sundays.

43. Vintage Leather Briefcase

For your more hipster graduate, this vintage briefcase is perfect for notebooks, laptops, or their photography supplies. It’s sturdy and fashionable for men right now!

44. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

This graduation gift idea is for your timider performer. If you know they can pull off an incredible concert for themselves in the shower, you have to get them this.

45. Beard Grooming Set

He is overly proud of the facial hair he’s grown all by himself. Help him upkeep his pride with this over-the-top beard grooming set.

46. Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Let him feel out his Brad Pitt fantasy with a new pair of Ray-Bans. Beware: he may think he’s too famous to talk to you when they’re on!

47. Interior Car Lights

Everyone will know when your boy is rolling up because of the disco going on inside his car! Let him personalize his ride with some lights to go inside.

48. Slow Cooker

You love him, but you just don’t love his cooking. With a slow cooker post-graduation, he’ll learn (we’re positive) how to utilize the beauty of a slow cooker in no time!

49. Adidas Running Shoes

Want a graduation gift for the athlete in your life that they’ll actually use? New Adidas running shoes – no questions asked.

50. Nautica Cologne

One of the most iconic colognes for the men in your life, pass on the tradition to your newly graduated man. He’s going to love it, but maybe he’ll catch some smiles from it, too!


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