23 Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas That Look Great

A woman dressed as Pippi Longstocking, with a striped shirt, orange overalls, and the iconic braided hair.

When you’re in college, chances are you have a tight budget. And with textbooks, meals, rent, and party supplies, there is little room to save up for an expensive Halloween costume. Luckily, just because you don’t want to spend your extra dough doesn’t mean you will miss out on all the college Halloween fun. 

Don’t let yourself experience any FOMO this Halloween. Check out our top picks for affordable and impressive Halloween costume ideas that will match the best of them.

Top 3 of Our Favorite Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

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Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults You Can Try Now

’80s Aerobics Queen Costume

Three women in their colorful ’80s aerobics apparel, with Spandex leotards and leg warmers.

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Here comes the dancing queen on Halloween night! This ’80s workout costume idea is perfect for anyone who wants to show off their colorful personality. Plus, it won’t cost you a handful! Style your ’80s look however you like and dance the night away. 

Cheap Pippi Longstocking Costume Idea

A woman in braids, holding a lollipop, with gummy bears falling from the ceiling.

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This college costume idea is a great one for those who like to switch up their hairstyle. All you need are some colorful high socks, a cute pair of suspenders, and watch this tutorial on how to get your locks to look just like Pippi Longstocking’s. 

Pam from the Office Costume

A scene from The Office with Pam talking to Jim, in her pink shirt and gray pencil skirt.

Source: NBC

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The Office fans everywhere will absolutely love your Pam attire. Dig through your closet for a pencil skirt and a pink button-down or cardigan. If you don’t have any, there are some cheap options on Amazon. Try out this look in class or take The Office to the party!

The Sexy Sailor Costume

A woman in a sexy sailor costume, wearing a sleeveless blue top, a striped sailor hat, and holding white and red striped shoes.

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You can’t go wrong with a classic sexy sailor costume for Halloween. The best part about this charming seaside getup is that you can search through your closet for a navy dress and red shoes. All that’s left are these $6.99 red fishnets and a sailor cap!

It’s Raining Men on Halloween Night Costume Idea

A woman wearing an It's Raining Men costume made of a clear bubble umbrella with dangling cut-out photos of male celebrities hung by a nylon string.

Source: Studio DIY

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Calling all DIY enthusiasts! Show off your creative skills with this cheap Halloween costume that will outshine any overpriced ensemble. Cut out some of your favorite hunks in magazines. Or, think outside of the box and use your friends’ faces as your raining men. This outfit will surely equip you to weather the wild storm that is a college Halloween night. 

You as a Sim Costume Idea

A women dressed as a Sim with a green diamond above her head, attached to a headband.

Source: Etsy

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A crafty, unique, AND cheap Halloween costume idea? Sign us up! All you need to turn an ordinary you into a Sim are some paper and craft supplies. Our choice for construction paper is only $3.69, so you can perfect your Sim until it’s just right. 

The Ultimate Halloween Party Animal Costume Idea

Two individuals wearing their literal party animals costume with alligator and chicken head masks.

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If you’re looking to embody your innermost party animal for Halloween this year, this cheap costume idea is for you. Check out our top animal mask pick for just $13.45. It won’t drain your wallet, plus you can show off your favorite party dress. Grab a large Sharpie and some cardboard to create your very own fake boombox for a final touch! 

The Halloween Hipster Costume

A woman dressed as a hipster, with the requisite beanie, horn-rimmed glasses, and flannel shirt.

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Obscure films, indie rock, tattoos, and geek glasses. What are we describing? Yep! The quintessential millennial trademark that put skinny jeans and flannels back on the map. You can start planning this cheap Halloween costume idea right in your closet. Then, find some hipster accessories to top it all off!

A Scary Halloween Crime Scene Costume


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Source: @elenarwmanti

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Cause some terror when you dress up like your own Halloween crime scene. It’s original, easy to put together, and all you need is some caution tape! Play with your makeup to complete the creepy vibe. 

Hottest Halloween Poison Ivy Costume


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Source: @sarahhhrae

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Do you want to make your friends green with envy this Halloween? Embrace this cheap Halloween costume idea and be the hottest Poison Ivy in the crowd. Our top choice for a sleek and sexy green dress from Amazon can be used again for any night on the town. Try it out and get the most bang for your buck!

Wilma Flintstone Halloween Costume

Source: @jackiegiardina

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A white dress, red hair, a pearl necklace, and you’re set to be Wilma Flintstone this Halloween! This iconic character costume will set you apart and keep your bank account where it needs to be. 

Riverdale Cheerleader Halloween Costume


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Source: @absolutelyalliem

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Why be an ordinary cheerleader this Halloween when you can bring it on with your BFF as Riverdale cheerleaders? This look is easy, creative, and you might already own everything you need! If you don’t, check out the low prices on our Amazon picks so you can recreate this look. 

Halloween Smarty Pants Halloween Costume


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Source: @kirasmith5

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If you love a good pun, become the punniest of them all this Halloween. Throw on a pair of jeans, snag a bag of Smarties candy, and hot glue them all over! For some decorative details, carry around some books, wear glasses, and lecture your fellow partiers all night long. 

Terrifyingly Sexy Mummy Costume


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Source: @leilasaid_

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This marvelous mummified costume idea can help you win Halloween fright night. White clothes, bandages, and some fake blood are all you need! Scare away the haters with this low-cost look. 

Stunning Dark Angel Costume


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Source: @beautyybychloe

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Among the light and innocent angels lives a hot and dark spirit ready to steal the spotlight. Embody your most angelic self with a simple yet sexy Halloween costume this year. You’ll certainly turn heads. 

Preppy Tennis Player Costume

Source: @bynatassia

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Put a little prep in your step with this tennis Halloween costume idea. Borrow a tennis racket for an even cheaper costume, throw on a cute mini skirt, and top it off with a polo. Play hard all night long!

Crazy Cookie Monster Halloween Costume


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Going crazy over those Halloween treats? You’re never too old to cater to your sweet tooth. Cookie Monster is a fantastic way to illustrate your love for all that is sugar while sporting a unique and cheap Halloween costume.

Rainbow Filter Halloween Makeover Costume

Source: Rclbeauty101

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Throw it back to the filter that branded Snapchat as a hit app for college students everywhere. The rainbow Snapchat filter look is perfect for individuals on a budget who still want to put their creativity on display. Make it a night to remember and grab a selfie stick for photos to cherish forever. 

Crossing Guard Halloween Costume

A crossing guard holding a stop sign and wearing a yellow vest with a whistle around her neck.

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Get ready in seconds and still stand out from the crowd. All you need for this crossing guard look is a neon vest, a whistle, and a stop sign. You can make your own in advance in just a few minutes with some construction paper and a picket stick. For maximum effect, direct party traffic as guests walk into the house party. You can never be too safe!

A Bloody Brilliant Fleabag Halloween Costume

Phoebe Waller-Bridge from a scene in the TV show Fleabag, with her leaning against a brick wall, holding a cigarette in her hand.

Source: BBC

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If Fleabag is your favorite dark British comedy like ours, we have some good news for you. Pulling off a Fleabag look is so simple that you probably already own the costume in your closet. But we have made sure to pick some cheap options from Amazon for you to embrace this hilarious character. 

Halloween Social Butterfly Costume

Source: DIYlover

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Spread your wings and believe you can fly in this fabulous and flowy butterfly look! You’ll no longer participate in the Halloween bar crawl but instead, soar on a colorful bar flight. These wings are easy to slip on and off throughout the evening. Pick a cute little black dress to complete the look. 

Spunky Sea Anemone Costume Idea

A woman dressed as a sea anemone, with her costume made of balloons and cut-out pictures of Nemo and other clown fish.

Source: Juju’s Journs

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Force your friends to laugh so hard they fall when they see you pulling off this hilarious and original look. All you need are some balloons and some friends to help you blow them up. Attach them to your clothes, and you’ve transformed into a spunky sea creature for the evening. 

Halloween Night Queen of Hearts Costume

A woman wearing a red, black, and white queen of hearts gown and crown, holding little girl's hand.

Source: Twist Me Pretty

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In your heart of hearts, you know you want this Halloween to be a blast. Become the queen of the party with this fun costume idea that will showcase the true royalty that you are. Carefully glue together a deck of cards for a hearts-themed collar and suit up in your favorite red outfit. 

Bring on an epic night of Halloween celebration with these cheap costumes that won’t have you spending your savings. You’ll be glad you stuck with your budget!

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