15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend to Show You Care

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Whether your BFF is your real sister or your soul sister, you want to blow her away with the best Christmas present EVER! These Christmas gift ideas for your best friend is ideal if you want to get her a little bit of everything. All year long she has listened to you when you cry, laugh, yell, and even when you just want to sit in silence. Tis the season to show her how much all of that has meant to you by giving her the best, best friend gift that she will ever get. That is, until you out-do yourself next year!

So without further adieu here are 15 Christmas gift ideas your best friend will love!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Best Friend:

1. BFF Necklaces

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This necklace is a stylish take on a childhood classic. When you put them together, it makes the heart whole! Just like what happens when you two are together!

2. Funny Wine Glass

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For your friend with the colorful vocabulary and a love for wine, you’re going to have to get her this. Because what brings two gals together better than bonding over the same people you both hate?

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3. Bestie Fill-In-The-Blank Journal

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Let your bestie know how you feel about her with this fun fill-in-the-blank journal. With prompts already set for you, you just need to fill them out and show her how much you love her!

4. Engraved Friendship Bracelet

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With infinity signs on both sides of this bracelet, you’re showing her your love is forever! Another adult-version of a favorite childhood memory, this bracelet really is perfect for the BFF with style.

5. Photo Holder

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Do you live far away from your BFF? This photo holder is a perfect gift to remind her of all the great memories you both have and to keep a piece of you close to her.

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6. Bath Bomb Set

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Bestie in need of an at-home spa day? Gift here this amazing smelling bath bombs and let her troubles wash away!

7. Blankiegram – Best Friend Blanket

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With little saying written all over like, “I love you!” and “BFF” – your best friend is going to know how much you love her. Not to mention, when you come over for movie night you can use this blanket to snuggle!

8. Custom BFF Coffee Mugs

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Is she a coffee lover and a lover of cute drawings? These custom coffee mugs are perfect to depict the two of you with a cute little saying for the two of you on the front.

9. Humorous Coasters

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The friend who loves that wine glass is probably going to adore these coasters, too! Remind people at her next dinner party to put those damn glasses on a coater or they’ll leave a ring on the table!

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10. Matching BFF T-Shirts

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Do you two match each other like a burger and fries? These adorable T-Shirts are perfect for a hilarious and cute duo like the two of you!

11. Make Up Brushes

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If your BFF is a makeup enthusiast, you have to get her the some beauty brushes. They’re plenty of options to choose from!

12. Skincare Package

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Everyone has their own skincare routine nowadays and so does your bestie! With a derma roller and moisturizing products that will add even more beauty to her face, the Marvelush skincare kit is perfect for your BFF.

13. Marc Jacobs Daisy

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She already loves everything Marc Jacobs, but there’s just one thing missing! Daisy is a beautiful, light flowery perfume that will bring all the boys to her yard.

14. Essential Oils Kit

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Nothing says “Welcome to Modern Adulthood” quite like a whole pack of essential oils to diffuse! With combinations that help with insomnia, stress, and make your house smelling clean, essential oils are the best Christmas gift for any young adult.

15. Instant Polaroid Mini Camera

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One of the newest trends in photography is actually a huge throwback. This instant Polaroid mini camera is not only adorable, but perfect to keep up with the trend and have your pic in your hand instantly!


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