15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend You Have to Get This Year

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Tell bae how much he means to you with these Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend! He goes through every day making you feel so happy and loved, now all you want to do is pay him back. And honestly, he always gives you the best gifts so you kind of want to show him up this year, right? Regardless, he’s going to love what you pick out for him because it’s from his favorite present – you!

This post will show you 15 gift ideas your boyfriend will absolutely love!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend:

1. Keepsake Casting Kit

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What better way to show a forever type of love than molding your intertwined hands? The clay can be used however you want, but it’s typically for the two of you to hold hands and create a bust of your solid love.

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2. Our Adventure Book

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Adapted from the Pixar movie, Up, this is an adorable way to keep all of your memories compiled. With places for pictures and room to write, you can add anything and everything from your time together!

3. Tinder Coffee Mug

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If you and your SO met on a dating app – this is such a funny little coffee mug to give him! With “I’m So Glad I Swiped Right” written on the cup, he’ll be thinking, “I’m glad you did, too!”

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4. Bluetooth Beanie Hat

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Do you ever if he’s listening to you or not sometimes? Well, he won’t now with his new Bluetooth embedded beanie! When he’s outside and cold, but also wants to listen to music, this beanie is the perfect gift for your man on the go!

5. Long Sleeve Pocket Hoodie

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Keep your man nice and snuggled for this winter season with this super cozy hoodie! And who knows, maybe you’ll get to borrow it once or twice (or just steal it!)

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6. Neck Massager

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Do your hands start to get tired after a couple minutes of giving him a back massage? Fear no more because you’re getting him this amazing Shiatsu deep kneading massager for the days when your hands can’t take any more of his man muscles!

7. 11-in-1 Survival Kit

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Is your guy one of those adventure men who like to be out in the wilderness with minimal gadgets? Well, this is a perfect Christmas gift for your BF to go out camping and being one with nature, all the while still being able to protect himself!

8. Game of Thrones T-Shirt

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Chances are, you probably understand this “That’s what I do. I drink and I know things,” reference from GoT. No matter what house your man pledges his loyalty to, he’ll love this shirt.

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9. Apple Watch

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For the Apple lover in your life, an Apple Watch is the coolest device for your man. With the ability to make calls, send texts, and get the latest updates right on your wrist, he can now use both his hands to play video games and text you back at the same time!

10. Surround Sound TV System

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When bae hosts movie night at him place he’ll now have a reputation of Best Host. This surround sound speaker is adaptable to most any TV, can work via remote, and give the feel of an at-home movie theatre!

11. Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing, and Hope

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Straight from Netflix’s Queer Eye, Karamo Brown tackles some of life’s toughest battles with a story of hope and resilience. Your guy will read what it means to “be a man” to him and give him a new perspective on life.

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12. Subscription to Men’s Health

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If your man is a Men’s Health fanatic, a monthly subscription to his own male Cosmo will be a Christmas gift that will keep on giving! With tips for health, sex, and fitness, he will be sure to dish it all out to you!

13. Protein Powder

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The gift of gains is all he wants for Christmas! Get your muscle man some post-workout protein powder in his favorite flavor so that he’s ready for another intense leg day!

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14. High Grade Winter/Work Boots

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With winter always being unpredictable, these 5.11 brand military style boots are sure to help out babe when the snow is high. Or does he work in an industry that requires these? Throw out that old pair and gift him with these new, stylish ones!

15. Calvin Klein Underwear

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Why is it that when we see the elastic band with “Calvin Klein” embroidered, our man becomes that much more attractive? No matter what causes that, get him a pair or two for him – but really, it’s for you.


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