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15 Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for College Guys

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If we’re being honest, guys just heading out to college may not fully realize what it is they may need for dorm life. Or life, in general – but they’re trying! Are you looking for Christmas gifts for college guys?

And you can help them out by checking out this list of 15 Christmas gift ideas for your college guy to help go back next semester ready to learn and feeling great!

From the bookworm to the sporty guy to the one who just really wants to listen to music 24/7, there’s something for your guy on this list!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys:

1. Echo Dot with Alexa

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With him inevitably yelling “Mom!” at least once his freshman year of college, an Alexa Echo Dot is perfect when he needs something. The Echo Dot can help him remember papers that are due, what the weather is like, and most importantly, remind him to call home.

2. AirPods

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Apple’s AirPods are the hottest item on their site right now. The wireless headphones are perfect for a dude on the go, a college athlete, or just wanting to study in silence without the tangled mess of other headphones.

3. MacBook

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Now that he’s in college, he’ll be writing a ton of reports. Get him the best laptop out there for holding lots of storage and with an incredible battery life.

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4. Desk Organizer

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Let’s face it, no matter how clean you kept his room growing up, he’s probably still just as disorganized. Getting him a desk organizer can get him to file papers and supplies neatly in one little space – even if the rest of it is a mess.

5. Hydro Flask

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No young adult would be caught dead nowadays without a Hydro Flash because #SaveTheTurtles. Everyone is choosing Hydro Flasks not just because of their ability to keep drinks hot and cold for longer, but because opting for one reduces the plastic waste in the oceans.

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6. Keurig

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He’s going to need a lot of coffee and a Keurig is going to satisfy. With late night study sessions and early morning tests, grabbing a cup of coffee at Starbucks will get pricey and he may not have the time. But he will save money and time with a Keurig at home!

7. Rolling Duffel Bag

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Does he have to travel to come home from college? This rolling duffel bag is ideal for the traveling student who has a lot of stuff to bring back to school from Christmas!

8. Cap Toe Dress Shoes

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Have your guy lookin’ fly when he goes back to school next semester! These cap toe dress shoes are perfect for big presentations and watching your little boy turn into a man.

9. Fitbit

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For your athletic guy who likes to keep track of his fitness, a Fitbit is his ideal Christmas gift. With the ability to connect to his smartphone, he can track his progress, watch his heart rate, and be reminded to do his daily workouts.

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10. Quest Protein Bars

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Protein bars aren’t just for the college athletes of the group, but they’re a great and healthy snack for college students. Because honestly, we all know college kids don’t eat well! A package of a couple dozen Quest bars are a perfect on the go breakfast for big days.

11. Amazon Fire TV Stick

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Rather than only having Netflix streaming, have all of his favorite streaming services all on one device! He’ll be throwing the best parties – er, study sessions, with this awesome Christmas gifts for college guys.

12. Bluetooth Speakers

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Is your college boy a verbal learner? Bluetooth speakers are perfect for when he’s studying and can listen to his lecture or an educational podcast to absorb information. That and so he can annoy his roommate with his fav tunes.

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13. Crock Pot

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With a crock pot, he now has no excuse to not know how to cook! This is a perfect gift for the boy who can’t really cook, because all needs to do is throw some things together in it and bam! There’s dinner for the week!

14. Razor Refills

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Gifting him his favorite razor refills will really be helpful since when does he have the time or money to go out and get them himself? He’s going to be really grateful for the extra boost.

15. State University Hoodie

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For the Christmas gifts for college guys that went to a state university, the perfect way to show school pride is with his school’s hoodie. Now, it’s time for you to get one to show your support, too!

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15 christmas gift ideas for college guys

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