15 Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad That He’ll LOVE

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Let’s get real – dads can be so hard to shop for. They say they don’t want anything, but you know they do. Every dad is made different, too. Some love to grill, some enjoy games, and others just need all the help they can get when it comes to personal grooming.

Luckily, we have complied 15 Christmas gift ideas for any type of dad out there so that you won’t drive yourself crazy this holiday season.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad:

1. Gourmet Spices and Seasonings

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Spice up Dad’s Christmas with a 5 pack of delish seasonings! Help him get the hint that you want a nicely seasoned and grilled cheeseburger – maybe he can even throw on a steak or two!

2. Beard Grooming Kit

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Does your dad sometimes look like a mountain man – and not in a good way? The gift of a luxury beard and mustache grooming will get him to take care of that facial hair that he’s known for!

3. Engraved Beer Chillers

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Dad likes his beer bottles cold, but that’s not always possible when he’s running around talking to friends and family at the BBQ. And, let’s face it, koozies just aren’t made for beer bottle! Get him the “World’s Coolest Dad” drink chillers to literally prove he’s cool.

4. BBQ Grill Set

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Speaking of the notorious BBQ that your dad is grilling at, it’s about time for him to replace that old grill set. Renew it with this 20 piece, stainless steel utensil kit that will make him King of the Grill!

5. Bourbon Glasses + Coasters Set

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Your dad is a classy man and likes his alcohol to be respected. This Royal Reserve gift set contains 2 Bourbon glasses and coasters for his whiskey to be treated like the liquid gold it is.

6. Hickory Farms Favorite Box

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Meats and cheese? If you know your dad could eat only those two foods for every meal, then you have to get him Hickory Farms’ Favorites box where he can have all the options he wants!

7. Book of Dad Jokes

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Is he really a dad if he doesn’t tell dad jokes? Here in this book he can get some assistance to amp up his bad pun game and embarrass you once more.

8. Nixon Men’s Watch

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Although men don’t nearly have the selection of jewelry women do, watches are the closest thing they have to diamond rings. This Nixon gold watch is simple and elegant for your dad who thinks no one needs to look at their phones for the time.

9. Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket

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If you have a fashion-forward dad who likes to flaunt what his mama gave him, this Levi’s faux leather jacket is perfect for your dad to swoon your mom for date night.

10. Travel Backpack

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Is your dad always on the hiking trail and in need of some assistance with all his gear? Do you not want to carry another thing up a hill ever again? This Hynes Eagle backpack is not only water resistant, but it can be used in 4 different ways for any outdoor enthusiast.

11. Monogrammed Cuff links

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If your dad is a little on the more professional side of things, cuff links with his initial are a perfect little gift that can jazz up any suit. And while he’s out being an important businessman, he can look at them and think of you!

12. Leather Wallet

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Do you cringe a little every time your dad just shoves money in his pockets? Yep – been there. This Timberland leather wallet is a perfectly thin and comes in 11 sensible colors for any style!

13. Oakley Sunglasses

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He’ll be thanking you later for these renowned sunglasses. They are perfect if he’s always outside or driving, because the lens are designed to protect from even the harshest of UV rays. Not to mention, they’re super stylish!

14. Floral Printed Tie

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For the dad who likes to add a pop of color and flair to any outfit – these ties are made just for him! With several floral and colorful patterns, Dad has his pick on what to wear for when he wants to cut a rug on the dance floor at the next wedding!

15. Nike Golf Hat

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Made to evaporate any kind of perspiration, this Nike golf is ideal for your sporty dad. Keep the sun out of his eyes, sweat off his face, and have him look cool as heck by getting him this hat for Christmas!


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