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20 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom She’ll Appreciate

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Your mom is the coolest woman you know. And you want to make sure that her Christmas gifts are just as awesome as she is, but also shows how much you love her. But, what do you give to the woman who gave you life? Honestly, she probably just wants a really nice nap.

Nonetheless, here is a list of 20 incredible Christmas gift ideas for Mom, because let’s face it – she’s worth it!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom:

1. Gourmet Snack Box

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Is your mom a lady who likes a little bit of everything? Well, perfect! This box is filled up with tasty dried fruit and nuts – perfect for the healthy mom on the go! It’s great as a healthy alternative to a box of chocolates or candies.

2. Boss Lady Mug

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Do you know how much of a boss your mom actually is? Raising you and doing her own thang all the while making sure the bills are paid? Yeah, that’s pretty boss and she deserves a cute coffee mug to show off her bossness!

3. Pink Tool Set

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Mom is a hard working babe, but she wants to look cute while she’s out fixing everything! Add this cute, yet badass, tool kit that has all the essentials your mom will need when everyone calls her asking for help.

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4. Bamboo Cheese Board & Cutlery Set

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Wine and cheese? Every mom is yelling, “Yes, please!” Have her hostess skills shine with this beautiful bamboo cheese board that also includes a full cheese cutlery set. Wine nights will never be the same!

5. The Comfy: A Blanket Sweatshirt

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Tired of Mom always complaining about how cold it is in the house? Get her the coziest blanket-hoodie hybrid there is on the market! The Comfy is the softest wearable blanket that she’ll probably want to wear!

6. Ceramic Jewelry Dish

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Have Mom be reminded of your love every time she puts away her jewelry. With the words, “Remember, I love you Mom,” right there, she’ll feel you and your love even if you’re far away!

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7. Fall Scented Candle Set

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Everyone loves the smells of Fall, right?! These beautifully decorated and smelling candles are perfect to get Mom to relax with the work of aromatherapy. Draw up a bubble bath and she’ll be in paradise!

8. Mom Flame Pendant Necklace

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Honestly, Mom always likes to be won over with some jewelry! With this gorgeous Sterling Silver twisted necklace, you will win for best holiday present! (Not to mention, probably favorite child award, too!)

9. Fashion Long Shawl

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Baby, it’s cold outside! Get your mama all cozied up with a fashionable, yet warm scarf for the colder season. With 10 different designs, you’ll find one that can fit with Mom’s style easily.

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10. Nine West Large Satchel

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She’s not just a mom, she’s a cool mom. And she’s even cooler with this stunning Nine West satchel that can fit her wallet, snacks, the secrets of the universe, and all the other things she always has on her at all times.

11. Rachael Ray Bakeware Set

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Can your mama throw it down in the kitchen? She’ll be able to get her famous chocolate chip cookies tasting even more perfect with her brand new 4-piece bakeware set from you!

12. Two Person Hammock

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Give Mom a break by giving her this awesome two person, cotton hammock. She can hang it up in the backyard, grab her favorite book, and relax on a sunny Sunday afternoon as she sways away!

13. Barista Espresso Machine

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It’s in the Mom Handbook to love coffee, so give her a gift that will give her the opportunity to learn more about her passion. With 15 different pumps and milk steamer, she’s going to be wondering where this was when you were a newborn!

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14. Roomba Vacuum

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Check one more thing off Mom’s daily to-do list. Get her an iRobot Roomba that will vacuum for her all throughout the day – and she can control it via her smartphone, too!

15. Smart Ring Video Doorbell

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Wouldn’t it be great to know who was at the door without the possibility of them seeing you in case you don’t want to see them? Now you can! Mom can check her phone when the doorbell rings to see if she needs to hide the wine or get more glasses!

16. Ceramic Bathroom Set

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Think Mom needs to spruce up her bathroom décor a little bit? Gift her this minimal, yet elegant, 4 piece bathroom set to set a new tone for her!

17. Jewelry Box

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If you know your mother, you know she has a lot of beautiful jewelry. Help her keep it organized with a modern-vibe jewelry box to keep all of her things neat and pretty. Just like her!

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18. Pompom Fringe Blanket

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It’s not just a very comfy blanket (that you will probably steal, duh), but it also has pompoms on it! This is a perfect addition to Mom’s living room for movie night.

19. Motivational Notebook

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You know what your mom can do, but sometimes she may need reminding. This fun and motivational notebook will help her keep track of her daily lists, all the while putting her thoughts down in a notebook from you!

20. Garden Tool Set

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Does Mom have a green thumb? Get her this amazing 12 piece gardening tool set to give her the edge on the neighbors and their vegetable garden!


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