25 Trendy College Game Day Outfits to Copy This Season

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College semesters all around the world have finally started, and we all know that the best part of college is game day. You get to cheer on your college team, hang out with your friends, have a blast of a party after the game, and most importantly, you get to dress up for the game day and show off your refined fashion sense.

If there’s a game day coming up for you soon and you can’t decide what to wear to that glory filled, crowded day, then you’re at the right place. Read on to find out the top 25 college gameday outfits to get inspiration for your own game day.

Casual Game Day Outfits:

1. Team Tee & Denim Skirt:

college game day outfits demin skirt

Source: Pinterest

Keep it casual by representing your college team in a tee and pairing it with a frayed denim skirt.

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2. Team Tee & Denim Jacket:

You could also change things up by going for a normal mini skirt instead and wrapping a denim jacket around your waist.

3. Tube Top & Skirt:

Source: Pinterest

Go for a carefree, summery look by wearing a team tee DIY’d into a tube top, paired with a skirt of your choice.

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4. Team Tee & Denim Overall:

Or, you could go for the classic summer look by pairing your college team tee with good old denim overalls.

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5. Tank Top & Denim Shorts:

Source: @kristennaetzker

Don’t overthink it. Look sweet and simple with a classic tank top and a pair of denim shorts.

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6. Colorful Overalls & Tube Top:

Turn heads with a colorful retro look as you pair a team tube top with colorful, striped overalls.

7. Bandana Top & Jeans:

Get inspired by the ultra-trendy Instagram models and pair a simple pair of white jeans with a creative bandana top.

8. White Tube Top & Overalls:

Source: Pinterest

You can never go wrong with a classic tube top and overalls duo, and this one’s as casual as it gets.

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Dressy Game Day Outfits:

9. Top & Mini Skirt:

Source: Pinterest

Dress up for your college game day by pairing a dark-toned top with a checkered mini skirt.

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10. Bright Romper:

Appear livelier by opting for a neon shade for the short romper that you can pair with gladiators.

11. Crop Top & Palazzos:

Source: Pinterest

Stay somewhere in the middle of casual and dressy by opting for a comfy set of crop tops and palazzo pants.

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12. Long Sleeves & Striped Skirt:

A black or maroon long-sleeved tee shirt will always look best with a black and white striped skirt.

13. Knotted Shirt & Printed Shorts:

Source: Pinterest

Go for a Taylor Swift-Esque look by pairing your knotted white button-up with a pair of printed shorts.

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14. Dress Shirt & Cowboy Boots:

Give a statement to your otherwise plain dress shirt by pairing it with some classic cowboy boots.

15. Cute Dress

Source: Pinterest

Accessorize your dress with colors opposite to it on the spectrum to create a fashionable, eye-catching contrast.

16. Simple White Romper:

Source: VSCO

Beat the heat at your college game day by going for a simple, short, and sleeveless white romper.

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17. Neon + Checkered Duo:

The only best partner to a neon plunging neckline is a checkered, black and white mini skirt.


Sporty/Cheerleader Game Day Outfits:

18. Team Tee & Pleated Skirt:

Source: Hype & Vice

Show off your cheerleading skills while dressed up in a classic team tee and a pleated skirt in your college’s colors.

19. Sorority Tee & Shorts:

Source: Pinterest

Represent your sorority proudly by pairing your sorority tee with a pair of simple denim shorts or a pleated skirt.

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20. Off-the-Shoulder Top & Pleated Skirt:

Source: Pinterest

Cheer the team players on stylishly while wearing a sultry off the shoulder top with a preppy pleated skirt. Top off the look with classic face paint while you’re at it.


Game Day Outfits for Cold Weather:

21. Hoodie & Mini Skirt:

Source: Pinterest

Don’t let the cold ever bother you as you show up on game day dressed in a stylish hoodie tucked in a tight mini skirt.

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22. Striped Pants & Sweater:

Experiment with bright colors by going with a cozy cashmere sweater tucked in colored striped pants.

23. Tee + Cardigan + Denim Skirt:

Source: Pinterest

Don’t want to try too hard on game day? Opt for a simple, graphic tee worn under a comfy cardigan with a frayed denim skirt.

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24. Bell Bottoms & Cropped Sweater:

Go for a 70s throwback with dark-toned bell-bottoms paired with a bright or neutral-toned, cropped sweater.

25. V-neck Tee & Vests:

Source: Pinterest

Last but not least, you can never go wrong with a cut-out V-neck team tee covered up with a warm vest.

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25 insanely cute game day outfits for college students


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