10 Stylish Backpacks for College Girls You Need to See

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A girl’s bag is her treasure chest that has all her necessities that she might require throughout the day. You want your college backpack to be stylish, yet practical, and fit your sense of style perfectly. If you’re a really picky person when choosing a college bag can be a real task for you this semester.  

We have compiled a list of 10 stylish backpacks for college girls to make your hunt for the perfect college bag a whole lot easier.

Backpacks for College Girls:

1. Grey Vintage Backpack 

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The clean, crisp, and classy design of this backpack paired with multiple compartments and a built-in USB charging port makes this the perfect backpack for college girls!


2. Misognare Basic Unisex College Backpack

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This vibrant colored bag is the most ideal option for college girls that want to make a statement! The bright color of the bag makes it eye-catching and trendy while serving its purpose of carrying all your essentials. The high quality, water-resistant polyester keeps all your belongings safe inside the bag. 


3. TrustBag Laptop Backpack

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If you carry a laptop to classes on a daily basis then this is the perfect bag for you to get your hands on! The sleek and structured body of the bag allows your laptop to stand straight and the high-quality water-resistant fabric keeps your electronics safe in your bag. The built-in USB port also ensures a 100% battery life on all your gadgets.


4. Scione USB Charging Port College backpack

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Make sure your cellphone is always charged with this chic backpack that has a built-in USB charging port. The comfortable airflow design of the bag ensures a hassle and pain-free trip to the college every day. This bag is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry too much about those unexpected rainy days.


5. FjallravenKanken Classic Backpack 

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If your personal style leans more towards the classier side of the fashion spectrum then this college bag is what you need to have in your life. This design features a pink handle that serves as a bright pop of color to your everyday look. It also comes in many more colors!


6. Puersit Vintage Laptop College Bag

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For the college girls who love vintage fashion but also don’t want to compromise on technology and practicality, this college backpack the ideal option to go for! With the classy design paired with a high-tech interior including a built-in charger and a safe laptop compartment, this backpack is the best of both worlds.


7. Himawari Waterproof College Backpack

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This cute backpack is also waterproof so your notes/electronics are safe on those rainy days. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your preference.


8. JanSport Big Student Backpack

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This trendy pink backpack will solve all your storage problems. It has a number of pockets designed to keep your notes, laptop, wallet, phone, and other necessities organized in place. 


9. Junlion Solid Color Laptop Backpack

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If you love a simple backpack that has enough pockets to keep all your belongings organized, then look no further. This lightweight bag has enough space and compartments to keep all your essentials safe and well-ordered while you flaunt the trendy design around the campus.


10. Himawari Laptop Bag

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Last but not least we have this stylish college back from Himawari. It’s pretty simple yet very durable. It’s waterproof and packs a lot of storage for all of your backpack essentials!


Get your hands on the trendiest backpacks for college girls and make a statement this semester!


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