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10 Amazing Dorm Gifts for College Students This Holiday Season

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We all know how dorms are – small, cramped, and sometimes they just don’t feel like home. I mean, Mom’s family pictures and Dad’s tacky decorations aren’t everywhere; how is it supposed to feel comfortable?!

Below are 10 awesome dorm gifts for college students to help create a little more relaxed environment for them and to aid in making it their own space. All of these are perfect for dorms because they won’t take up much space and if you have a roommate, they are easy to share or keep out of the way!

Dorm Gifts for College Students:

1. Clip-On Light

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This is perfect for your bookworm / night owl who just wants to curl up with a good book! This portable little light can easily attach to a nightstand, edge of a book, or a lap desk to help the user see what’s in front of them without disturbing the rest of the room. Dorm residents truly benefit from this so that if one person is sleeping, the whole room doesn’t need to be lit up while they try to go to bed!


2. Bluetooth Speaker

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Time to parrrr-taaaaay! Or play relaxing, studying music. Either way, a Bluetooth speaker is perfect to help have some constant, background noise in a small dorm. Is your student more of a verbal learner? Perfect! They can play podcasts or online lessons via their Bluetooth speaker to help them retain all that information.


3. Futon

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If there is a common area in your student’s dorm, a futon is the best way to get the most out of the space. For friends and family who may need to stay the night, a futon is perfect because it can go from couch to bed instantly! So, its ability to compact itself is ideal for a smaller space like a dorm room.


4. Cozy throw blanket

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What better way to get all cozied up than with a fun, comfortable throw blanket! Depending on the time of year, they usually have holiday themes or can just come in solid colors. And these are the perfect way to add a pop of color or personality to their dorm.


5. Keurig

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Oh, every college student needs a Keurig! If you really want to win brownie points from your student, the perfect dorm present is a Keurig and a couple dozen K-Cups! This can help save money from stopping by a coffee shop every morning for a $5 cup of Joe. But also, K-Cups have the best coffee and having a nice cup of coffee in bed is a great way to start the day! 


6. Swell Water Bottle

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This ain’t your mama’s hydro-flask! Getting them a Swell water bottle is perfect when they have those long days in class or when they will be studying through the day. They are large enough to hold a lot of coffee or water for their classes as well as keeping the contents warm or cold for the entire day! 


7. Memory Foam Pillow

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What better way for your college student to relax after a long, study-filled day of classes than to rest their heads on a memory foam pillow? Many of these now come with a feature of having a “cool side of the pillow” so that no matter how many times they will flip it, they’ll have a cool pillow. This also helps relax neck and back stiffness after long days of sitting in those chairs!


8. Wheeled laundry basket

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Let’s face it, college kids do everything at the last minute. This includes laundry. So that means clothes will pile up to the point it would be too much to just carry down the hall! Getting a wheeled laundry basket is perfect for your student to be able to keep all of their stuff in one basket while also being easy to move about the rooms. Not to mention, a lot of these are collapsible so storage is a breeze!


9. LED String Lights

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Making a dorm room their own can be tough, but adding LED string lights on their walls can really brighten things up – literally! Hanging these fun lights on the walls can add an Instagram-like feel to things while also adding a pop of personality. These can also be perfect for taking those fun college pics in front of!


10. Mattress Pad

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If there is one thing any college student needs to make those tiny beds a little more comfortable, a mattress pad is necessary. Adding that little bit of extra softness and padding can add so much comfort to lead to a good night’s sleep. And every college kid really needs one, every now and then! 


Getting the perfect dorm gift for college students doesn’t have to be stressful or be a trip to Target where you fill up your cart on stuff that truly no one needs. This is a perfect little guideline to help you take a sneak peek in the life of what your student might need to get things a little more relaxed for them as well as making the best of a tiny living situation!


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10 dorm gifts for college students

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