8 Pieces of Dorm Room Furniture That Will Upgrade Your Space

When you first step foot in your dorm room it’s going to be the plainest, most boring room you’ll ever step foot in. 

You’re really given a lot of responsibility to take it from its prison cell look to make it your own. 

P.S: If you need some help decorating, I have a whole article about dorm room ideas or wall decor ideas to help you get started, and even some awesome tips for move-in day. 

A great way to upgrade your dorm room is to add some stylish, yet comfy furniture to it. 

You may be thinking, “why do I need to get more furniture? where will it fit?”

Both valid questions – here’s the answer:

If you’re gonna have your friends over, you’ll need some extra seating for them (unless you don’t mind everyone sitting on your bed). Plus, if you loft your bed, you get tons of space to add some extra chairs or even a futon!

This post is going to show you 8 awesome pieces of furniture that can upgrade your dorm room to look more stylish, organized, and accommodate your game nights!


Dorm Room Furniture to Upgrade your Room:

1. Adjustable Shelving

DormCo The Shelf Supreme - Adjustable Shelving

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If you have a traditional dorm room, a shelf like this is going to be a lifesaver! 

You’re most likely going to want a mini fridge/microwave in your room for convenience even if you have a meal plan. This shelf lets you fit your mini-fridge, microwave, TV, and extra items all in one space!


2. Futon

Pink futon for college apartment

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Futons are great for adding some seating space in your dorm room for when your friends come over.

If you have a college apartment you can easily add this to your living room for extra seating. Otherwise, you can add this to your traditional dorm room by placing it underneath your lofted bed. 

One of my friends did this her sophomore year and it looked amazing!

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3. Comfy chair

comfy white chair for college dorm room

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Extra seating is always great for your friends.

If you have a traditional dorm room instead of an apartment, this chair will be a great option for you if you don’t have enough space for a futon. 



4. Hanging Mirror Organizer

hanging mirror organizer for college dorm room

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You’re more than likely going to get a mirror for your college dorm room/apartment. This one is a GREAT option if you have a lot of jewelry but no idea how to store it away neatly.

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5. 4 Tier Shelving Unit for Storage Bins

Firstry 9 Storage Cubes, 4 Tire Shelving Bookcase Cabinet, DIY Closet Organizers for Living Room Bedroom Office (Gray)

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We all know that storage bins are a lifesaver when it comes to organizing your things in your dorm room. With a shelf like this, it makes you even more organized to store your stuff!

You can use this to organize your things in storage bins or to place random items like snacks and books.


6. Bathroom Shelf

bathroom shelf for college dorm room

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Chances are your bathroom is pretty small so you’re not gonna have much space to store your cleaning supplies and other items you may want to keep in there.

Sure, you could always keep it in your room, but if you want to avoid carrying a whole shower caddy back and forth / cleaning supplies, a bathroom shelf could be a great alternative.

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7. Ottoman Bench

ottoman bench for college dorm room

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Need extra seating? Check. Need extra storage space? Check. Need something that can easily be stored away when not in use? Check.  This storage ottoman/bench can easily be placed under your bed when not in use.


8. Desk Shelf

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Your desk is one of the first things that gets crowded and will often make your room look disorganized as a result.

If you plan on keeping a lot of things on your desk, you should opt-in for a desk shelf. This creates more space for you to store and organize your binders, frames, or any other decor you may want to add to your desk. 


This post showed you 8 pieces of furniture that will upgrade your dorm room. Like it? Share it!


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