30 Amazing Tapestries for Any College Dorm Room

A sun and stars tapestry hung above the bed of a rustic-themed college dorm room.

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Sometimes you just need to add a little something to your dorm room wall, right? A tapestry is the perfect addition to any college dorm room! They can provide a fun, relaxing way to decorate your dorm while keeping to the vibe of you and your roomie. Whether you need a good laugh, a peaceful scenery, or even a warning sign to visitors—we have any and every tapestry that you will need for your dorm room. Don’t forget to check our top picks to see what we think would be the best to add to cart!

Top 3 of Our Favorite Tapestries for Any Dorm Room

Top Choice
Taco Tuesday-Live Everyday Like It's Taco Tuesday Tapestry Home Decor 60x40 Inch Wall Hanging for Home/Mexican Restaurant Party Decoration
Taco Tuesday-Live Everyday Like It's Taco Tuesday Tapestry Home Decor 60x40 Inch Wall Hanging for Home/Mexican Restaurant Party Decoration
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Top Choice
Taco Tuesday-Live Everyday Like It's Taco Tuesday Tapestry Home Decor 60x40 Inch Wall Hanging for Home/Mexican Restaurant Party Decoration
Taco Tuesday-Live Everyday Like It's Taco Tuesday Tapestry Home Decor 60x40 Inch Wall Hanging for Home/Mexican Restaurant Party Decoration
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The Most Amazing Tapestries for Your Dorm Room

Prison Mike

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You, my friend, would be da belle of da ball! Prison Mike encourages us all to stay in school and away from the dementors.

Beach Days

If you are landlocked and need the beach every now and then, you got it right in your dorm room! Spray some beach-inspired air freshener to really live in the moment. 

Ain’t No Laws

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Because you’re not a real college student if you aren’t living by the Claws! Just make sure you’re of legal age!

And They Were Roommates

This infamous Vine quote might go over this TikTok generation’s head, but it’s still an ultimate classic. Not to mention the Friends reference!

World Map

Hanging up a world map tapestry is one way to be inspired to travel the world. It also adds a sophisticated vibe to any college kid’s dorm room.

Lavender Fields

Since lavender is notorious for having soothing and relaxing properties, it’s the same case when it comes to being a tapestry! Have a relaxed atmosphere in your dorm room when you opt for this.

Welcome to Flavortown

I’m Guy Fieri and we’re rollin’ out! Are you ready to take on the huge honor of being Mayor of Flavortown? You might want to invest in getting white tips in your hair, first.


Get ready to get starry-eyed. Look at all the stars in the sky from the comfort of your dorm room. Try to find your astrological sign!


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Need the calming sensation of having rain fall down to help you fall asleep? Just glance over to your rainfall tapestry for the same soothing effect.

Mountain Landscape

Missing home out in the mountains? Maybe you just appreciate some good environmental landscapes. Regardless, this is one stunning view to have.

Crashing Waves

Let the sound of the crashing waves against the shore help you concentrate on your newest project. Or appreciate the fine artistry of this tapestry. 

Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History

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In case any ladies out there need some affirmation that following the rules isn’t always necessary. Go cause a stir and make history!

Saturdays are for the Boys

Whether it be golf, brunch, or just yelling at the TV for whatever sports game is on, Saturdays are for the boys. Sundays are for the boys…to recover.

Sonora Sunset

For all of you desert rats, you know that nothing beats a Southwest sunset. This tapestry provides you a feeling of home and pure contentment.

Babe Cave

Just so everyone knows what’s to come when they walk in. This is the babe cave and you’re here to slay!

It’s Taco Tuesday!

Forget about motivational quotes—we need more taco-themed tapestries to keep us motivated! If every day were Taco Tuesday, we would get so much done.

It Is What It Is

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Sometimes we just need decor that speaks to our soul. Fail a test? A little too hungover? Forgot to go to class? This tapestry says it all.

Soulja Boy Tell ’Em

Don’t let this world crank you before you crank dat! Pull a Superman and youuuuuuu will be just fine!

Good Vibes

There is only one room for your dorm. Good vibes only, or else you gotta go. You don’t make the rules—the tapestry does!

Full Moon Mountains

This pseudo-marble and artistically intricate tapestry is for the calm souls that want peace when they get back to their dorm rooms. Perfect when lined with twinkling lights.

Till Death Do Us Part

For those of us who never grew out of our Hot Topic phase, this one’s for you. You can appreciate the detail of design and irony of it all.

Drake Quote

Just hold on, we’re going to just say yes. Someone offers a shot? Your roommate wants to get margs on a Monday? Just think—what would Drake do?

Minimal Design

For our art majors out there, you will love this simplicity of design and idea of this tapestry. This can be hung beautifully over your bedpost to start and end your day with a quaint vibe.


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Because we all need a little light when we get home from a hard day at school! This ray of sunshine can brighten anyone’s day.

Cash Money

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Don’t let someone’s bad vibes get you down. Give them this friendly reminder next time you have guests over!

Radiate Positivity

Let’s get sappy for a moment. This can serve as a reminder to stay positive, even on your way to a class you really dislike. Stay positive!

Welcome to the Shit Show!

Why not just tell it like it is? You’re on the Hot Mess Express, so might as well accept it. We’ve all been there!

Kourtney Kardashian

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We feel this, Kourt. Take her advice and live for today! Just live life, college goes by fast!


This look is super modern and simplistic! A marble tapestry can fit in perfectly in any dorm room.

No Weenies Allowed

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This is no Weenie Hut Jr! You might want to try down the street at Super Weenie Hut Jr. You gotta prove your toughness—how will anyone pass this test?

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