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Gifts for Boyfriend: 36 EPIC Gifts to Give Your Boyfriend This Year

This post is all about cheap Christmas gifts for a boyfriend. We may earn commission on links used in this post at no cost to you. Full disclosure can be found here.

gifts for boyfriend

Shopping for gifts for your boyfriend can be nerve-wracking.

Fortunately, there are many gifts for him to choose from that show your thoughtfulness and care.

When in doubt, you can always get him #31 for some humor!

Let’s get right into these gift ideas!

Gifts for Boyfriend:

1. Comfy Sweater/Jacket

This one makes the top of the list simply because your boyfriend will wear it with pride anytime you want.

2. Bedside Docking Station

If your boyfriend is constantly hunting for his chargers, consider gifting him a cool docking station to help him stay organized.

3. Comfy Oversized Blanket Hoodie

This is a perfect gift idea for your boyfriend if he loves wearing hoodies. This is a comfy alternative to a regular fleece blanket that’s perfect for cozy nights together.

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4. Electronics Organizer

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Everyone could use more organization, especially if they’re committed to traveling or have to do it for business.

5. Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames are a good idea, especially if you two take a lot of pictures together.

6. Deluxe Turntable

If your boyfriend loves vinyl, consider updating his turn his turntable to a new deluxe model so his collection sounds even better.

7. Mug Warmer

If your boyfriend is always complaining about cold tea, this option is for you. This gift idea will have your boyfriend relaxing more than ever.

8. Watch Storage Box

Keeping all of your boyfriend’s watches straight is probably an issue, so you can get him organized with a unique box

9. Carry All Bag

If you keep finding things in your purse that he’s put in there, gifting your boyfriend his own carry-all bag will help him a lot.

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10. Tie Bars

Every guy needs to dress up occasionally. A high-quality tie bar can help him look sharp when it counts.

11. Engraved Watch

You can buy a watch you think he’ll like, and get it engraved with his name or an important date. It’s a personal gift he’ll love.

12. Leather Wallet

Leather wallets are a durable gift idea for your boyfriend. These come in many styles, so see if you can get a look at what he’s currently using before you buy.

13. Smartphone Sanitizer

Smartphones can be as dirty as toilet seats. A smartphone sanitizer is a great gift for him that looks after his health.

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14. Men’s Leather Infinity Bracelet

Leather is a durable option, and the infinity symbol is an excellent symbol. This gift for him shows you care every time he looks at his wrist.

15. Grooming Box

Your guy has a routine and the tools he loves. A grooming box helps him organize all his favorites neatly.

16. Skull Planters

These are just fun, especially if your guy has a green thumb.

17. Conversation Starter Cubes

This gift idea for him is not a gag, but he may have fun with them anyway.

18. Bottle Loft

If your boyfriend is a beer connoisseur, a bottle loft will transform his fridge into the beer cave he wants.

19. Desk Organizer

With this, it’s important to pick a fun one. After all, you guy has enough official and boring stuff on his desk.

20. Fun Bottle Openers

A good bottle opener is both functional and pleasing to look at. You can even get him one that attaches to the wall.

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21. Color Changing Car Lamp

Does your boyfriend love sports cars? Get him this lamp! These lamps are awesome and add personality to space too.

22. Smartphone Printer

Your guy has photos on his phone he’s been meaning to print just like you have. This gift idea for your boyfriend speeds up the process dramatically.

23. Punching Bag

While you may not want to get a real punching bag, fun ones he can fill with laundry make great gifts for him.

24. Fancy Coffee

For the coffee connoisseur, trying new roasts is a highlight. This thoughtful gift for him requires you keep track of what he likes and is very thoughtful.

25. Virtual Reality Headset

VR is the new thing, so getting him a headset lets him travel to virtual worlds, even when he can’t physically travel.

26. IPA Brewing Kit

For beer lovers, trying their hand at making a batch is a fun thing many are nervous to try. By gifting the kit, you’re encouraging him to pursue it.

27. Utensil Holder

If you’re not living with your boyfriend, this practical gift can transform his counter. Aim for practical and masculine designs.

28. Tequila Kit

If spirits are what your boyfriend enjoys, then gifting him a fun tequila kit is always a good idea.

29. Adventure Books

For traveling boyfriends, consider a book on his next destination. Then you’re sharing his passion with your thoughtful choices.

30. Journal

Even guys need to write things down. Picking out a journal for him encourages him to take part in this settling exercise.

31. Funny Mug

Give your boyfriend a funny mug for his daily dose of caffeine.

32. Pint Glasses

Pint glasses are always cool, even if all that goes in them is water. You can even get customized ones.

33. Bluetooth Key Trackers

Key trackers are good gifts for everyone. They help your boyfriend keep track of the little things in his life.

34. Hammock

If your guy loves the outdoors, then consider gifting him a portable hammock he can set up and chill in.

35. Floating Globe

This is a cool gift to decorate his home or office. He can look at the world from a new perspective whenever he desires.

36. Grilling Set

If your boyfriend is a grill master, a top-of-the-line grilling set makes a good gift. He can think of you as he uses it every day.

You can pick one or more of these practical gift ideas for your boyfriend and add a personal touch and he’ll love them, especially the Best Boyfriend T-shirt 😉. Which will you choose?

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36 amazing gifts for boyfriend

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