20 Amazing Gifts for College Girls You Have to Get This Holiday Season

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christmas gifts for college girls

Have daughters, nieces, or sisters who just started college? Need to find ideal gifts for college girls? Look no further and have no fear! We have listed gift ideas for any college girl that would find these not only super cute and on-brand, but totally necessary to succeed (and look great!) in school. 

Gifts for College Girls:

1. Airpods

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We promise she won’t look like a crazy person in the airport talking to you via her new AirPods. AirPods are one of the newest and most ingenious products of Apple for many reasons. One – no more getting your wires all tangled up in your pocket! Two – they are just way easier to use as wireless headphones. If your college girl is a runner or in athletics, these definitely could help her out a ton!


2. Apple Watch

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Another incredible invention of Apple is the Apple Watch! With useful features like checking heart rate and the amount of activity one gets in a day, it is a great way to keep track of not only emails and messages, but also your health! For athletes, it can keep track of speed and distance and record that for calorie output. Rather than having to run to your phone to read a message, take a little glance at your Apple Watch to see it right there on your wrist! It’s extremely handy for the little things, all the while being a small device on your arm.


3. North Face Jacket

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Being a leader in the fashionable jacket and coat industry, a North Face jacket is ideal for any girl in college. They come in a variety of weights, colors, and styles. When winter rolls around, every girl throws on their favorite North Face to take the cutest Instagram selfies to show off their style and flair all the while being cozy and warm!

These are perfect if your student is in a colder state for school and if Fall is her favorite season, you have to get this for her!


4. Gift Cards!

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Is she continuously telling you she just needs money or not giving a straight answer when it comes to gifts? Get her a bouquet of her favorite things – gift cards. These can be for places like Subway and Applebees where she can grab a quick bite to eat in between study sessions.

Or maybe one big Amazon one will help her get anything she needs (or randomly thinks of) at any point. If she goes to a school that isn’t in the middle of some city and she still has her car, some gas cards or rewards points would be of great assistance!


5. Good Winter Jacket

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Unless your child decided to go to any Southern California or Arizona school, you are going to need to get her a sturdy winter jacket. Companies like Canada Goose create these durable and long-lasting jackets for places that will be covered with snow by Christmas morning. This is ideal for those winter intense cities she may study in and also, it is just really smart to have one, regardless!


6. Makeup!

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Helloooo, Sephora! You can never go wrong with getting Kylie’s newest lip kit (if you can get it before it’s sold out within 15 minutes) or anything with the words “Too Faced” written across it. Honestly, if she uses makeup at all in her life and you get her a Sephora or Ulta gift card or get her the new eyeshadow palette she’s been talking about, that will be such a special gift because frankly, makeup is like gold these days. SO. EXPENSIVE. And when you’re in college, you can’t just drop money like that when you need to eat. So makeup is a great little gift idea!


7. Cute Pair of Shoes

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OMG, shoes! Does she have a dance coming up? What about a presentation that she feels a little nervous about speaking in front of so many people? How about a date with that cute junior in her econ class that Dad doesn’t know about? Send her a pair of lucky shoes to get her feeling herself and ready to take on any challenge! In the wise words of Marilyn Monroe, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”


8. Cute Purse

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With all of these new brands and styles coming out, there is no way you can mess up by getting her a purse. There are new styles like the “see-through bag” where you can literally see right through and observe all the contents in one’s purse. But, there are always the classic Coach and Louis Vuitton bags that are of normal shapes and sizes. They are great for hauling all of that stuff back and forth from class to home so might as well make it stylish!


9. Bluetooth Speaker

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Bluetooth speakers are some of the most essential tools in a young adult’s home at this moment in time. You don’t just throw a party and listen to music on them anymore. You can have an Alexa or Google Home Hub where they can help you plan your calendar, schedule your route from school to work, and also let you know what the weather is going to be like for the next week. They can also play educational podcasts to listen to or play out loud an online lecture from their professor. 


10. Candles

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**Granted, please take a moment to review community guidelines to see if candles are allowed in your students dorm. If they are, continue on!** Candles are great for making her small space smell good, look good, and overall just feel good! With the holidays approaching, grab some pumpkin and cinnamon smells to get things started off on the right foot!


11. Keurig

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To help save her a few bucks and be able to cozy up in her bed with a nice cup of coffee, a great gift idea for any college girl is a Keurig. Don’t forget to add a couple of dozen K-Cups and maybe a cute coffee mug or two!


12. MacBook Pro

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Again, Apple is doing it right! A MacBook Pro is ideal for the art student in your life and with its many features, she can start perfecting her graphic design almost instantly. They are also incredible for keeping notes in class and storage for all of her iFiles!


13. Cute Throw Pillows

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A creative way to get her place feeling like her own is to send some cute throw pillows to add to her bed or futon! Target or TJ Maxx are perfect to grabbing a couple of these so that you don’t have to pay much for them!


14. Phone Case

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Just because she can’t get the new iPhone 11 just yet doesn’t mean she can’t just refresh what she has now! A new phone case is perfect to just give a little bit of new flair to her phone all the while saving YOU the cost of a new one!


15. Self-Care Kit

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When it comes to a pure gift from home, nothing beats a good ol’ self-care package. Fill up a box with some facial masks, nail polish, bath bombs, essential oils, tea bags, and come comfy sweatpants. Remind her to always take care of herself before helping others! Maybe even add a few notes from you, her dad, siblings, or friends from back home. That is a guaranteed smile from her!


16. Cute Wall Art

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With fun, colorful art pieces or simple motivational quotes, getting some cute wall art décor is a sure-fire way to get things feeling like her own and even remind her of you! We could all use a simple reminder to “live, love, laugh” or she could really use having a beautiful recreation of her favorite art piece to hang over the futon.  


17. Smart TV

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Get the party started with the coolest TV in all the dorm rooms! NFL Sundays and The Voice on Mondays just got a lot more interesting. She will have no problem getting friends to come over for a scary movie marathon with her new Smart TV that can play from hundreds of apps!


18. Swell Water Bottle

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The perfect way to hold all that coffee and water (nooo not wine coolers or anything else.) Swell water bottles are great for keeping things hot or cold all day long without any other assistance. So she might have an all-day soccer tournament and she’ll have you to thank when she doesn’t become dehydrated by the end of it!


19. Luggage Set

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Get your girl the best luggage set out there to look #JetSetReady! Have her travel in style with the cutest luggage set in stores! Many sets now come with one gigantic bag, a normal-sized one, and carry-on size for all of those traveling babes out there!


20. College Cookbook

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This is a great way to practice cooking in the real world rather than getting McDonald’s every night. Even though we love some Mickey D’s!


Get your loved one off on the right foot in college. It can be such a scary and emotional time, but with any of these gift ideas, they will feel a ton more assured within themselves. All thanks to YOU! Between making sure they look their best to having the cutest dorm in all of the halls, your girl is going to make a big splash in college!

Not to mention, now she’ll have the best time year-round all because of the cool and fashionable stuff she has hanging out in her room! 

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