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50 GENIUS Graduation Cap Ideas You NEED to See

This post is all about graduation cap ideas for 2021. We may earn commissions on links used in this post. Read our affiliate disclaimer for more info.

college graduation cap ideas for 2020

Every year, graduation season comes around and sneak up on us! Nothing can prepare us for the time of our lives that we are about to embark on, but you can prepare to slay the day while walking across that field or stage to get your diploma!

What better way to stand out from the crowd and have your loved ones easily find you than to balance on your head, a cap filled with some awesome graduation cap decorations?!

Listed below we have researched 50 of the most awesome graduation cap ideas for 2020 seniors!

Which graduation cap design are you going to choose to let everyone know you did it?

Graduation Cap Ideas 2021:

1. The Honest Cap

2020 graduation cap ideas
Source: Pinterest


Just because you have the diploma in my hands, doesn’t mean you remember what you *should* have learned.

2. The Grinch Cap

graduation cap design
Source: Pinterest


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We’re all just about wallowing in self-pity, but don’t forget your 6 o’clock appointment to graduate!”

3. The Debt Cap

funny graduation cap design 2020
Source: Pinterest


Wait, my loans are how much?! And that’s not even WITH interest?! Oh boy…

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4. The Drake Cap

Graduation Cap Ideas 2020

If you’re reading this, it means that I graduated and would love a job please and thank you.

5. The Mocking Cap

spongebob graduation cap design
Source: Pinterest


If one more person asks, “What are you doing after graduation?” you might just lose it. Let them know you still don’t know by using this awesome SpongeBob meme.

6. The Career Change Cap

Graduation Cap Ideas 2020
Source: Pinterest

We have all been there – maybe it would just be easier to be a stripper. You’d probably make a lot more money, but you wouldn’t have this diploma if you changed career paths!

7. The Cardi B Cap

cardi b graduation cap design
Source tagged, design on Etsy

Why’d you even go to college in the first place? In the words of Cardi B, for that “MONEY!”

8. The Mine Cap

mine graduation cap idea
Source: Pinterest

MINE MINE MINE. You worked hard for 4 long years – no one can take your diploma (or cap!) away from you now.

9. The Kelly Cap

kelly graduation cap design
Source: Pinterest

Your friends have, like, no idea how smart you’ve become. Kelly Kapoor understands you, though.

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10. The Level Up Cap

level up graduation cap ideas
Source: Pinterest

Time to level up, babe! You got the degree, now time to get the job of your dreams!

11. The Patrick Cap

patrick grad cap
Source: Pinterest

But really, is mayonnaise a major? These graduation cap ideas are really as great as wearing a striped sweater.

12. The Peter Pan Cap

awesome grad cap designs
Source: Pinterest

Here we goooooo! Just like Peter Pan, you’re onto your next adventure and hopefully it’s somewhere just as fun as Neverland!

13. The Fresh Prince Cap

fresh prince graduation cap ideas
Source: Pinterest

Look at your kingdom, you’re finally there! To sit on your throne… as the person who just got their degree!

14. The 7 Rings Cap

ariana grande graduation cap ideas
Source: Pinterest


You see it, you like it, you want it, you got it! Now time to make your receipts look like phone numbers!

15. The Goodbye Cap

funny graduation cap ideas
Source: Pinterest

Short, sweet, and to the point. Let everyone know you’re more than done by saying, well, bye!

16. The B.S. Cap

DIY graduation cap ideas
Source: Pinterest


This B.S. better have been worth all that B.S. you had to go through in getting it. But luckily, it probably will be!

17. The Oprah Cap

best graduation cap ideas for college
Source: Pinterest


YOU get a diploma! YOU get a diploma! And hey – YOU also get a diploma! But if only it was as easy to get as Oprah throwing them out as party favors.

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18. The Overachiever Cap

great graduation cap designs
Source: Pinterest

Aim for the stars? Nah, you’re better than that. You just got your diploma and now you’re onto bigger fish to fry!

19. The Sponsor Cap

creative graduation cap ideas
Source: Pinterest

I would like to thank all the things that have brought me to where I am today. Wikipedia, white wine, Postmates, Mom & Dad’s bank account – you all are the unsung heroes of today.

20. The 7 Year Cap

funny grad cap design

Listen, there is nothing wrong with being a little extra. Even if that does mean taking a few additional years to graduate!

21. The Fat Amy Cap

cool graduation cap ideas
Source: Pinterest

Crushed it. No, college may not have turned out just like Pitch Perfect, but at least it’s done!

22. The Tina Belcher Cap

cartoon graduation cap ideas

You are a strong, smart, college-educated woman whose dancing skills are that of Tina Belcher.

23. The Ohana Cap

funny grad cap designs
Source: Pinterest

Ohana means family, and family means you can house me until I pay back my loans, right?

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24. The Office Cap

funny graduation cap ideas 2020
Source: Pinterest


Michael Scott has some pretty stellar lines that could apply to your college experience. “I should’ve burned this place down when I had the chance,” would be my go-to, personally.

25. The Disney Channel Cap

disney channel graduation cap ideas
Source: Pinterest

Hi! I’m a recent, unemployed college grad and YOU’RE watching The Disney Channel!

26. The Late (But Done) Cap

funny college graduation cap ideas
Instagram: @_Spalm

You may have showed up late countless times, but hey, at least you got it done!

27. The Hotter Cap

creative college graduation cap ideas
Source: Pinterest


Walk across that stage knowing that you are officially hotter by 1 (or 2!) degree(s). Strut like you mean it!

28. The Eagle’s Last Flight Cap

diy grad cap ideas
Source: Pinterest

A queen is never late, everyone else is just early! But, now Queen, it is your last flight – now you can soar!

29. The Beginning of Anything Cap

graduation cap ideas for high school
Source: Pinterest


Now that you are equipped for what you want, anything can happen. The fun graduation cap idea can swap out sunflowers to the flower of your choice – so it can be “anything you want!”

30. The Game of Loans Cap

graduation cap ideas for college
Source: Pinterest

The game of loans feels like our heads might as well get chopped off, right? Any GOT fans will love the ironic torture that the cap brings.

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31. The Coffee Cap

funny college graduation cap ideas
Source: Pinterest

This student ran on Dunkin and sometimes ONLY Dunkin. Add a dangling coffee cup for a fun graduation cap decoration!

32. The Friends Cap

Friends graduation cap ideas
Source: Etsy

You and your whole friend group can resonate with the Friends gang? This is perfect for you and your 5 closest pals.

33. The Humble & Kind Cap

cute grad cap designs
Source: Pinterest

This cute reminder of staying humble and kind is something we all could use. Even if we do have a whole degree under our belts – remember who brought you there!

34. The Princess Cap

clever graduation cap ideas

You’re all done with the hassle, now where’s your castle?! And don’t pay attention to the loans, they’re just rascals! (But do pay attention, though.)

35. The 3 Year Cap

grad cap design
Instagram: @camilla_creations

“Why do 4 year when 3 year do trick?” or whatever Kevin Malone said. Celebrate your early win with this hilarious cap.

36. The Game of Life Cap

creative diy graduation cap design
Source: – unitedmaniacs

Not much is better than a graduation cap idea that you can also play. It’s also a lot cheaper than real life.

37. The Best Friends Cap

best friends graduation cap ideas 2020
Source: Pinterest

To infinity and beyond! The Woody to your Buzz can share in this day together.

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38. The Thankful Cap

best graduation cap ideas 2020 seniors
Source: Pinterest


Pay homage to everyone who has helped you get to where you are now. Pictures with loved ones are the best way for them to feel appreciated!

39. The HSM Cap

best graduation cap ideas 2020
Source: Pinterest

Even if you’re graduating from college, this High School Musical cap can resonate with any of us! ~THE START OF SOMETHIN’ NEWWWW~

40. The Last-Minute Cap

best graduation cap ideas
Source: Pinterest

Just like everything else you’ve accomplished in your educational career; this too was last minute.

41. The Glitter Cap

glitter graduation cap ideas
Source: Pinterest


This beautifully elegant, yet simple cap can be rocked by any diva. Switch out the colors for a rainbow effect or keep the purple since you’re royal.

42. The Grace Cap

cute graduation cap designs
Source: Etsy

Being humbled by the words you have been taught can mean a lot in a big moment like this. Favorite scriptures or verses can be used just like this.

43. The ‘This Was for My Dog’ Cap

dog graduation cap
Source: Zazzle

To be completely honest, we all know that we go to school just so we can give our dogs the lives they deserve.

44. The Mastered Cap

how to decorate a graduation cap
Source: Etsy

Ohhh so you got a Masters, huh? Hell yeah you did – show that off by telling everyone that you just MASTERED it!

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45. The Frozen Cap

elsa graduation cap ideas
Source: Pinterest


No need to let it go, because now it’s time to see what you can do with your degree! If you need help as to how to decorate a graduation cap in the theme of Frozen – frozen fractals, all around!

46. The ‘I’m My Own Hero’ Cap

wonder woman graduation cap idea
Source: Pinterest

To everyone who needed a hero but turned out to be their own at the end of the day – this one’s for you! Celebrate your achievement with this awesome graduation cap idea!

47. The Director’s Cut Cap

that's a wrap graduation cap
Source: Pinterest

And that’s a wrap! Yell “CUT” on your big day with your own director’s cut on your cap!

48. The Adventure Cap

optimistic graduation cap
Source: Pinterest

Are you ready to take on what the rest of the world has to offer? There is an entire planet here to explore – where will you go next?

49. The Leslie Knope Cap

leslie knope graduation cap idea
Instagram: @oaklandu

Need the power of Leslie Knope to help keep you on the right path? Her advice is always bound to get you to make the right decisions and to be a badass in the process.

50. The 2020 Graduation Cap!

class of 2020 grad cap ideas
Source: Zazzle

And when all is said and done – a perfect 2020 is what is needed for you. Out of all the graduation cap ideas for you, nothing can be better said than that you have 2020 vision.

Whether you were looking for college or high school graduation cap ideas we hope you’ve been inspired by one of these grad cap ideas!

These amazing grad cap ideas are perfect for graduates who want to show off their cunning sense of humor or just want to graduate in style!

We hope these grad cap ideas inspired you to create a design that not only stands out but shows off your personality a little bit!

This post showed you 50 DIY graduation cap ideas for 2021. Like it? Share it!

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