15 Yummy Graduation Party Food Ideas Your Guests will LOVE

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The saying goes, “A party is only as good as the food there,” right? 

You’ve spent all that time planning your graduation party decor and your outfit and now it’s time to think about the food!

But we’re not going to tell you just to throw some burgers on or get an adorably decorated cake from your favorite bakery.

Here are some DIY graduation party food ideas that you can do that will not only taste amazing but have everyone wondering if you actually went to culinary school.


Graduation Party Food Ideas

1. S’mores Bar

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Who doesn’t love s’mores? If you’re hosting an outdoor grad party, these are sure to set fire to things even more!

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2. Salad-To-Go

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Did you just graduate with a degree in health and nutrition? Well, if you want to opt for a healthier choice, create these little cups of salad and a syringe of dressing!


3. Root Beer Float Bar

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Now that we skipped that healthy stuff, give your guests a flashback to their youth with a root beer float bar. You might even feel a little nostalgia yourself!


4. Waffle Bar / Brunch

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Ooo – you fancy, huh? If you’re going for a more non-traditional graduation party, go for a whole smattering of brunch food and make sure you have toppings for waffles!


5. Charcuterie Board

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Since you graduated, you’re practically a full-fledged adult who has their life together right? Show off your newfound adulthood by creating your first charcuterie board!


6. Diploma Cookies

Source: Pinterest

You’re feeling generous and want everyone to feel what it’s like to have a diploma in their hands! But their custom diplomas are plenty tastier than yours.

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7. [So Long] Suckers


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I mean, you’re totally going to miss everyone from school, right? Nevertheless, say “see ya later!” by having a bowl of suckers for some sucker- I mean your friends.


8. Reese’s Peanut Butter Caps


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Create your real-life graduation cap by using Reese’s mini cups! They can be a bit time consuming, but so was Calculus, am I right?


9. Clever Candy Bar


Who doesn’t love puns and candy?! Set up a few bowls of candy and put on labels like “Smarty Pants” for Smarties or “Teacher’s Pet” with animal crackers.

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10. Parfait Party

Source: Livinglocurto.com

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In the wise words of Donkey from Shrek, “Everybody loves parfaits!” These cute little party favors will get everyone talking – not to mention they are super fun to make!


11. Here’s A Bright Idea


Fill up these cute light bulbs with M&Ms or similar small candies. This is the perfect graduation party food ideas to give your guests a kick out of your bright idea.


12. Sandwich Bar

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Who could ever turn down a homemade sandwich? Lay out options like croissants and bagels instead of just hoagie rolls and spreads like tuna or chicken salad to make things different.

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13. Apps Are Where It’s At


Not looking to please the crowd with a rack of ribs? Go for a bunch of little appetizers to feed your guests, but also out of your place ASAP.


14. Popcorn for Days

Source: Pinterest

Want the whole house and block smelling like popcorn? Get a bucket or two full of popcorn with sides like marshmallows, candy, or even nacho cheese as toppings and let the good times roll.




We saved the best for last because – duh, it’s cupcakes! Add a candied version of your hat and tassel on top to add the “I have my diploma” effect.

Out of all of the graduation party food ideas these are definitely a staple you must include!


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