15 Graduation Party Ideas for The Best Grad Party Ever

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Now that you’ve graduated – you have a party to plan! But, what could you possibly do to make it fun?
In case “party planning” wasn’t part of your course load, we have a few graduation party ideas that anyone graduating at any age will love and have fun with.
From making sure everyone knows that today is about you to having guests try to give you their best advice, we know you’ll be wanting to try all of these graduation party ideas.

Graduation Party Ideas:

1. Polaroid Guest Book


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Shake it like a Polaroid picture! And then have guests write a cute little note on it from them to you and keep it put away in a fun album to look back on.

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2. Advice Cards

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Maybe you have a few recent grads at your party or older guests that could give you some great advice for your this new chapter of your life.
This is a great graduation party idea because aside from all of the fun, you’re going to need all the help and advice you can get for your new journey.

3. Customized Invites


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Whether it be from your favorite TV show or custom for each guest, there are thousands of templates where you can create an invite that is as unique as you!

4. Have Your Face Everywhere


Who says you can only have your face on a stick just at your graduation? Not us – so go ahead and print out life-size pictures of your face and stick them everywhere since it is your party.

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5. Disposable Cameras



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Let’s be honest – sometimes our family can really turn up and when you’re of legal age, you the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Have a bucket of disposable cameras to help remember the night rather than posting embarrassing stuff on the Internet.

6. Give Away Class Ring [Pops]


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Set up a fun little section where you have a ton of Ring Pops with a sign that says, “Class of 20_ class rings.” You and your guests will soon revert to your 11-year-old selves where you’re dying of excitement over this fashionable candy.

7. Display Your Awards


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Now is not the time to be humble – it is a party for your accomplishment, after all. So, why not showcase the rest of your achievements from these 4 long years?

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8. Walk Down Memory Lane


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Whether this be your med school or high school graduation, give your guests a nice stroll down memory lane. Just a fair warning: they may laugh at your old fashion trends you were setting for yourself.

9. Memory Jar


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Set up a jar where your friends and family can write down some of their favorite memories with you. Save them for yourself on a rainy day when you need a little pick-me-up.
This will turn out to be one of your favorite graduation party ideas because you get to keep this as a gift of memories to look back on even after your party has ended.

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10. Insta-Worthy Picture Wall


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Come on – everyone needs their Insta-Perfect balloon wall with your graduating year. If you don’t have one, did you even have a party?!

11. Interactive Table Games


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Just like a bridal or baby showers, you can find a few fun interactive “how well do you know me?” games! The prize can be that they don’t have to pretend to give you advice!

12. Puzzle Pieces


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If you want to get really sentimental and make your mom cry, have guests sign a piece of a puzzle and put it together at the end of the party to see all who has been part of your journey.

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13. Bingo!


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Who said bingo was just for Grandma on Thursday nights? Use this link for cute downloads to play everyone’s secret favorite game!

14. Show Off Where You’re Going / Where You’ve Been


Studied a year in Paris, going to Texas A&M, or are you a big fan of your state? Either way, get a big cutout of where you’ve been/going and show it off!
This graduation party idea will help you avoid the question of “what college will you be going to?” from everyone there. It’ll be pretty obvious at that point!

15. Mimosa/Sparkling Cider Bar


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And lastly, what better way to end a long journey than with some bubbly? Give yourself a big pat on the back because cheers! You did it!
For your underaged guests you can throw in some sparkling cider as well!

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