31 Creative Halloween Costumes for Best Friends to Slay Together

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Halloween parties are much more fun if you pull off a duo with your best friend or favorite group of friends, so why not do that instead of coming up with something on your own?!

You can go with super popular ideas like mean girls, where you can say the phrases all night and get into character, or you can go for an easier DIY Halloween costume that you and your besties can make as HOT as you want!

This post is going to show you 31 easy Halloween costumes for best friends; whether it’s two of you or five!

Halloween Costumes for Best Friends:

1. Playboy Bunnies

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You probably already have a black tank top on hand so now all you need is the bunny mask. You can DIY this costume however you want or you can opt for the traditional full playboy bunny costume. Plus, these sexy costumes have many variations depending on your comfort level.

2. Three Blind Mice

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This is a popular costume for best friends because you can DIY it as you see fit! Grab some mouse ears, dark sunglasses, and a walking cane and the outfit is up to you to be as hot as you want it to be!

3. Cops

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Bonus points if one of you goes as the convict too! Otherwise, make your own precinct and spice it up how you like. This costume idea is super easy because you can get this exact costume on Amazon!

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4. Deck of Cards

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If you’re looking for a Halloween costume idea for multiple besties, this is the one. You can DIY the white tank tops by adding some stickers and just throw on a black skirt and some thigh high stalkings. Plus, you can keep adding cards for as many besties as want to participate!

5. Angels and Devils

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 This Halloween costume for best friends is a great option because you can DIY this costume using items you probably already have like a red or white bodycon dress. Just throw in some angel wings, a halo (we found the exact ones in this pic) and devil ears and your look is complete!

If you don’t have a sexy red dress to pair it with, you can also check out full devil costumes like this one one or this one.

6. Cher and Dionne (Clueless)

movie inspired halloween costume ideas clueless

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As these girls were besties in “Clueless” they make a great costume idea for you. If people recognize you, you know they love the movie too.

7. Naughty Schoolgirls

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This is a classic Halloween costume for best friends, and you can make it all your own. Just grab one of your cropped tank tops, and pair it with this pleated skirt, some white stalkings, and your Chuck Taylors and you’re good to go! And don’t forget your glasses!!

8. The Purge

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There are so many characters in this series, but you can always tie this besties costume together with masks. You can dress it up however you’d like but the Purge mask is essential!

9. Risky Business

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If you’re looking for a sexy costume option with your bestie, this is a fantastic option. Chances are you’ll have volunteers giving you shirts too. Otherwise, you can pick up this really affordable one.

10. Traffic Crew

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Safety is important! Fortunately, it’s also easy to get high visibility clothing for this costume, and you can be as sexy as you like. You really only need the safety vest and some caution tape and the rest is up to you!

11. Hippies

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The 60s and 70s provide a bevy of inspiration for Halloween costume ideas. You probably already have a colored tiara somewhere in your hair drawer so get a tie-dye dress and some 70s inspired white boots and throw on some jewelry and you’re good to go.

12. SpongeBob and Patrick

Copy this costume:

These besties also make great Halloween costumes for best friends. We also found the exact SpongeBob t-shirt and Patrick t-shirt for you in case you’re thinking of going with this costume idea! 

13. Money Heist

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This will be a classic, so if you’re looking for a group costume and love movies, this is the costume for you and your best friend. All you really need is the Money Heist Mask and you can throw on an oversized hoodie, get the classic orange jumpsuit or DIY it how you like!

14. Netflix and Chill

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This is a cute and creative idea for a best friend costume that you can both DIY in your spare moments.

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15. Powerpuff Girls

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The Powerpuff Girls are a fabulous option for a trio. Just throw one some knee high white socks and an oversized tshirt (DIY style like above) or you can actually get the PPG dress on Amazon for cheap! As long as you get the colors right, you will be recognizable.

16. Sugar Skull

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Día de Los Muertos also falls on Halloween, which brings the sugar skulls. If you’re looking for an easy Halloween costume to show off your makeup skills, this is the one for you! We recommend using a good face paint makeup palette like this one to avoid smudging! (P.S. check out these amazing looks people have made with this one!!)

17. Peanut Butter and Jelly

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This duo is awesome and makes a fantastic choice for your Halloween costume with your best friend. You can DIY your own plain t-shirts or grab these PB&J t-shirts on Amazon! 

18. Thing One and Thing Two / Drunk Twins

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You can do the original, or you can make it your own with some plain old red t-shirts and paint.

19. Jailbait

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This is always a fun choice, especially if you’re always hearing you look younger than you are. Plus, you can add as many people as you have in your friend circle. You can all literally get this cheap striped t-shirt and cut and tie it as you please for different looks!

20. S.W.A.T.

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There’s nothing hotter than the good old SWAT costume. Your besties can use these costumes to cause all kinds of mischief across the Halloween party scene.

21. Army Girls

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Grab your best friend, your favorite black shorts and a camo cropped top and most of your outfit is already complete! You can throw in some props and smear some black eyeshadow under your eyes and you’re good to go!

22. Fanta

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This classic soda is perfect for a best friend group costume. Since Fanta came in multiple flavors, you will create a stir at your parties. 

23. Convict

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The classic orange jumpsuit is widely available; however, you don’t have to look like everyone else. Instead, consider spicing it up with accessories or by changing the top.

24. Aliens

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This is a good creative costume option for besties and great if you want a sexy costume to show off your summer body this year! Any of these two piece metallic two piece sets will do the job!

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25. 80’s Workout

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With leg warmers and leotards, you can rock this famous decade. You may even be able to score this costume on a thrift store shopping expedition.

26. Kit Kat Bars

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Kit Kats have two sides, just like you and your bestie. This Halloween costume idea is great to DIY on short notice as well, since all you need is a basic red bodycon dress and some knee high socks.

27. Coffee Fam

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This costume is super simple! Grab a shirt from your favorite coffee place (most likely Starbucks), add some details, and you’re done! You also can’t go wrong with some long white socks to match. 

28. Barnacle Boy and Mermaid Man

Copy this costume:

This SpongeBob throwback is a great Halloween costume for you and your bestie. These two were inseparable, and so are you. You probably already have some of these basic essentials like black shorts and a tank top or grab these green tights and the Barnacle Boy mask and put your DIY skills to work!

29. Coffee Cups

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You know you can’t resist a good brew, so you should consider making yourself into one. You can use black colored paper to DIY the straw and slap on a Starbucks sticker on this tan dress.

30. Miss Universe

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The competition is competitive, so make it about the two of you. This Halloween costume for best friends fits in almost anywhere, and you two can have fun with the dynamic. All you really need to get is the Miss Universe Crown and a sash to go with your best bodycon dress!

31. Fruits

Copy this costume:


This is a great DIY option for a last-minute costume with your best friend. It’s cute, sweet, and you can assemble it in less than an hour including the shopping trip.

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