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31 Super Popular Halloween Costumes for Couples

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Halloween is one of the most popular and fun holidays of the year! You’re probably planning to go a Halloween party this year so why not go with your favorite person?

If you have no clue what couples costume you can wear this year don’t worry, in this post we’re going to show you 31 trendy Halloween costumes for couples.

Take the headache out of guessing and go with one of these trendy options!

Halloween Costumes for Couples:

1. Flintstones

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The Flintstones are a classic couple, and you can mimic their look easily. Throw your hair in a bun and pair it with Wilma’s Dress and get Fred’s Costume for your bf and you’re done.

2. Football Player and Cheerleader

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If you want to be that hot cheerleader with the cute boyfriend on the football team here’s your chance. Plus you can get this customizable jersey to make it say anything you want!

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3. Alien and Astronaut

unique college halloween costumes for couples

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This is the perfect Halloween costume for couples whose love is out of this world. Get the exact astronaut jumpsuit for your boyfriend and throw on some silver/metallic pieces and DIY the alien costume however you’d like. If you want to copy the one above, here’s the exact sequin skirt!

4. Priest and Nun

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This quick and easy costume for couples does not require a lot of prep. The best part is that there’s tons of ways you be a nun for Halloween. Check out some of these sexy nun costumes.

5. Mickey and Minnie

halloween costumes for couples mickey mouse

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This Halloween costume idea for couples is a classic. You can go as complex or minimalist as you like, as long as you have the matching headbands.

6. Gomez and Morticia Adams

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Gomez and Morticia are the perfect couple, which makes them a great creative couples costume. Plus, since Gomez and Morticia always dressed formally, you will fit in regardless of your party type. Your bf can throw on one of his best black suits and you can wear this affordable black dress.

7. Bugs Bunny and Lola

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A classic fun Halloween costumes for couples! All you really need for this costume is the matching Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny jerseys and some bunny ears. You probably have everything else in your wardrobe.

8. Carl and Ellie

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Carl and Ellie captured our hearts in “Up” without saying a word to each other on screen. Now you can take this couples Halloween costume idea and make it your own.

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9. Jasmine and Aladdin

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Yet another cute classic costume for couples. There are so many amazing ways to style this costume and we’ve found one of the best Jasmine costumes to help you do just that!

10. Fireman and Dalmatian

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This classic firehouse pair makes a fabulous creative couples Halloween costume. You can DIY the Dalmatian costume with pieces in your closet as long as you have the matching ears and tail set.

11. Dorothy and Scarecrow

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“Wizard of Oz” is a classic, and still recognizable all these years later. This Dorothy costume is all you need and your boyfriend can DIY the Scarecrow costume and just throw on some face paint and a straw hat.

12. Tom Brady and Giselle

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This famous couple has a distinct style, which is why they make a fabulous Halloween costume for couples. The Patriots Jersey is so recognizable, even your friends who dislike football will know it.

13. Cosmo and Wanda

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Cosmo and Wanda are great characters with a distinctive style you can create quickly. All you need are your matching fairy wings, your fairy wand and crowns!

14. Hugh Hefner and Bunny

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Hugh Hefner has been in the news for decades, and his playboy bunnies are prevalent in the media. Hugh Hefner’s costume is actually easier to pull off than you might think, you can find an exact dupe of his velvet robe on Amazon!

15. Energizer Battery and Bunny

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This creative Halloween couples costume idea is a great if you want to create your own. Plus, either one of you can be the bunny, so feel free to mix it up. The main essentials are the bunny ears and the drum, of course (which you can DIY), but don’t forget the drumsticks!

16. Ash and Pikachu

couple costume ideas

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You grew up hearing about Pokémon, so now it’s time to turn it into a Halloween costume. This is another one where you can make it as authentic as you like, and there are several variations of Pikachu to pick from for women and you can easily grab this Ash costume for your bf!

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17. Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf


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One last Disney Halloween costume idea for you to consider little red riding hood and the wolf. You can DIY the wolf costume by throwing on a plaid shirt and putting your makeup skills to work or just grab this wolf costume for men.

18. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

cute costume ideas for couples

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Want to be a Pinterest phenomenon with your costume? Get the most popular Tinkerbell costume for women! This fun Disney classic is a very popular Halloween costume for couples.

19. Cruella De Ville and Dalmatian

halloween costumes for couples

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As long as you hit the big points, like the famous polkadot stole, this costume idea is easy to pull off. The spotted shirt, gloves, and sass are mandatory for this one.

20. Jack and Rose from Titanic

titanic costume for couples

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If you haven’t seen “Titanic” recently, Jack and Rose are the famous couple. With a couple classic pieces, you’re on your way. Make sure you don’t forget the Heart of the Ocean!

21. Baewatch

bae watch halloween couples costume

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This is a good parody costume idea on the show, so you can be both original and recognizable while you’re out. Just throw these white letter patches on the bodysuit to spell out “Bae Watch.”

22. Hunter and Deer

cute costumes for couples

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With a little outdoor enthusiasm, this couples costume idea both satisfies your creativity and is insanely effortless as a Halloween costume for couples. You can DIY the deer costume as you like as long as your have the deer antlers headband to go with it!

23. Sunflower and the Gardener


Copy this costume:

If you’re into gardening at all, this is the Halloween couples costume for you! Plus, it’s a great DIY option. Just make sure you have the sunflower headband!

24. Piñata and Partygoer

funny halloween costume for couples

Copy this costume:

If you want to DIY, this is the creative couples costume idea to do it with. The guy’s costume is easy to replicate and you can get this complete women’s piñata costume to make your life easier!

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25. Sims

sims costume for couples

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These characters are fun, even when you’re trying to create as much chaos as possible. Make this costume your own with unique outfits and try using a Sims Sticker if you can’t find the headband.

26. KISS

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KISS is world famous, and chances are you have most of the pieces hanging out in your closet already. All you’ll need are these inflatable guitars to complete the look.

27. Indiana Jones and Lara Croft

lara croft couples costume ideas

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While these two may not share a movie, they’re all for the archeology and adventure. This couples Halloween costume is marvelously unique + another great DIY option that you can pull together easily! The only thing you may have to get is the Lara Croft gear.

28. Pennywise and Georgie

IT costume for couples

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With “IT” coming out again, it’s time to bring this costume back! Bonus, you can swap who is what character easily. But if you like this option, get this easy clown costume for women!

29. Shaggy and Scooby Doo

scooby doo couples costume

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With the munchies in hand, Halloween is a good time to solve a mystery! All you really need are Scooby Doo’s ears and collar and you can DIY everything else for this couples costume idea!

30. Sharkboy and Lavagirl

shark boy and lava girl halloween costume

Copy this costume:

When you were growing up, this was one of the best movies. Now that you’re looking at Halloween costumes for couple, they make a great pair. Get the exact Sharkboy and Lavagirl Halloween costume to live out your childhood fantasy!

31. Pretty Little Liars

pretty little liars costume for Halloween

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Pick any two characters from this show and make a statement. This option is great if you still have school uniform pieces too, otherwise, get this affordable schoolgirl uniform!

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