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20 Healthy College Meals Anyone Can Make!

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Let’s face it, staying healthy in college sometimes just isn’t in the stars. Are you looking for healthy college meals? you are in the right place,

Between staying up late “studying”, getting up early to make it to class, and then probably working a part-time job – eating healthy in college just doesn’t seem attainable.

Nevertheless, do not fear! Below are 20 go-to, easy healthy college meals and recipes that any college freshman (or senior!) can make!

These easy recipes for college students will make your life a heck of a lot easier for creating than a healthy college meal plan you’ve been putting off for forever now.

Easy Healthy College Meals:

1. Microwavable Risotto

This healthy meal may sound and look fancy, but in all reality it’s simple to make!

It’s super quick and not to mention you can impress everyone with your *culinary skills* when you make it.

Recipe: Microwave Risotto

2. Chicken Fajitas

Hey, now you can have #TacoTuesday at your place with this awesome and healthy chicken fajitas recipe! Just add tortillas and tequila and you have a great night ahead!

This is one of the easiest and cheap healthy meals to whip together after class!
Recipe: Chicken Fajitas

3. Broccoli Flatbread Pizza

broccoli flatbread pizza healthy college recipes

Don’t let the “broccoli” portion of this scare you – it’s actually really good. Opt for this recipe at home when you’re having late-night pizza cravings!
Recipe: Broccoli Flatbread

4. Burrito Bowls

healthy college meals burrito bowls

Who needs that $12 Chipotle bowl?! Not you now that you can make your own at home at half the cost and half the calories.

This is also a great option to meal prep for busy students because we all know we crave those bowls more than once a week!
Recipe: Burrito Bowls

5. Pancakes!

Need your helping of healthy breakfast foods that aren’t just veggie-packed omelettes?

These pancakes are less calories than those you’d get at a diner – add blueberries and low cal syrup to perfect them!
Recipe: Pancakes

6. Cheddar Meatloaf

Yes, this is packed with cheese, however it is packed with a ton of protein to help give you energy and endurance during test week. It’s even better if you’re following a keto diet!
Recipe: Cheddar Meatloaf

7. Stuffed Peppers

Now who would have ever thought of using your veggies as your bowl? Throw in your fav ingredients into whole bell peppers and dig in – after dinner clean-up has never been so easy.
Recipe: Stuffed Bell Peppers

8. Hearty Italian Soup

Easy Healthy College Meals

During the winter months, it can be hard when you’re missing Mom’s comfort food cooking.

Bring it to life and fight cold/flu season with this hearty Italian soup you can make in just one pot!
Recipe: Hearty Italian Soup

9. Chicken & Rice Enchiladas

Easy Healthy College Meals

This recipe is also a meal prep so you can have this on-the-go and in the freezer for later! These enchiladas are jammed with healthy veggies and low-carb brown rice.
Recipe: Chicken & Rice Enchiladas

10. Ranch Chicken Salad with Bacon

BACON?! Yup – everything else is healthy, so why not add a little treat for yourself like a nice slab of bacon!

You’ll definitely want to consider this cheap healthy meal when you feel like cheating on your diet.
Recipe: Ranch Chicken Salad with Bacon

11. Tuna Salad with Apple

Easy Healthy College Meals

Tuna salad atop of actual green salad is such a healthy and filling lunch for any time of the year. Throw in some apple slices and a hard-boiled egg – you’ll be set for the day!
Recipe: Tuna Salad Meal Prep

12. Avocado Egg Salad

Easy Healthy College Meals

Think we can go a whole list without mentioning everyone’s favorite super food – AVOCADO?! Slab this mixture onto some whole wheat bread or eat it with some pita chips for a tasty, protein filled snack.

Will definitely be one of your top favorite healthy college meals!
Recipe: Avocado Egg Salad

13. Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese

Easy Healthy College Meals

Here is a healthy take on everyone’s favorite comfort food. Opt for squash instead of enriched noodles for a perfect carbo-loading dinner.
Recipe: Butternut Squash

14. Spinach Lasagna

Although we all totally would rather go out and divulge into Olive Garden’s endless breadsticks, try making this Tour of Italy at home for not as many calories.
Recipe: Spinach Lasagna

15. Apple Crisp

Now this list wouldn’t be complete without some kind of dessert! Try this alternative take on apple crisp to indulge in pie without indulging in the Freshman 15.

This yummy healthy college recipe will make the perfect afternoon or evening snack!
Recipe: Healthy Apple Crisps

16. Turkey Fried Rice

Move aside Panda Express – you have your own specialty now! This healthy turkey fried rice will keep you full and can last you a couple meals.
Recipe: Turkey Fried Rice

17. Egg in The Hole

An easy and fulfilling breakfast to get you up and ready for that 9 a.m. class! A classic, but with a healthy twist (avocado is the twist BTW!)
Recipe: Egg in a Hole

18. Banana Bread Muffins

Hey, we’ll throw in another tasty dessert for good measure! These aren’t your grandma’s muffins, but they sure do the trick for a quick pastry of a breakfast.
Recipe: Banana Bread Muffin

19. Chicken Meatballs

Easy Healthy College Meals

This recipe is perfect as is plus the cauliflower rice (recipe also included) or you can add this to any other vegetable medley or pasta with sauce!
Recipe: Chicken Meatballs

20. Blackened Shrimp

For all of you seafood lovers, this blackened shrimp recipe is a sure-fire way of getting creative in the kitchen. This meal is also great hot or cold!
Recipe: Blackened Shrimp Meal Prep

Now that you’ve seen these super easy and cheap healthy meals, which will you give a try? Comment below!

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Easy Healthy College Meals

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