What to Know About Computer Science Internship after Graduation

A computer science college graduate coding on a computer for her internship.

Computer science is a major that is becoming popular in business and government since companies and governments all rely on computer skills to maintain communication and procedures. A computer science internship is an excellent way for students and new graduates to be ready for their future in the industry.

This guide is for the ones who want to understand why they should obtain an internship in computer science, where to search for one, the various kinds, and potential jobs under computer science.

Why Pursue a Computer Science Internship

Hands-on experiences are pretty different from theoretical situations, which is something to keep an eye out for.

A degree program will provide you with a wealth of theoretical and academic information in the subject when it comes to computer science. Still, an internship will provide you with hands-on experience and actionable, practical knowledge that you can use in real-world scenarios.

While internships enable you to develop your skillset, they also serve as a signal to potential employers that you are driven and concerned about your future. It demonstrates that you have what it takes to succeed in the industry and that what you learned may really become a way of life in your future.

Types of Computer Science Internships

Most computer science majors intern in the following fields:

1. Front-End Engineering Intern

A front-end engineering intern will get hands-on experience working on the user-facing component of a website or application as part of a team of professionals. In addition to creating HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code, you’ll be testing and debugging that code to secure that the end user’s experience is as seamless and immersive as possible. 

During your internship, you will get practical experience by completing complex tasks and assisting in the development of excellent goods.

2. Back-End Engineering Intern

A back-end engineering intern's eyeglasses in front of a display monitor showing codes for the company database and systems.

As a back-end engineering intern, you will be responsible for working with the data that drives a website or application and utilizing programming languages such as Python, Ruby, and Java to link the server, application, and database to other systems.

Your duties will be similar to those of a front-end developer in that you will be responsible for creating code specific to your project and testing that code to guarantee a solid final result.

Debugging and determining which aspects of your product are not functioning correctly will fall within your purview as a developer. In addition, you will undoubtedly be subjected to code reviews to ensure that you are developing best practices and learning how to work in an agile development environment, among other things.

3. Full-Stack Software Engineering Intern

As a full-stack engineering intern, you’ll get to experience the best of both worlds by working on both front-end and back-end technologies. You’ll learn how data flows through an application and how it is transferred and presented by seeing how data flows through the application.

You will rapidly know the various technologies through active participation in the technical components that customers see on the site and in the back-end data that drives the site. 

You will become more adept at making performance improvements. This is an excellent internship opportunity for anybody interested in learning how to develop a feature from start to finish.

4. Information Security Intern

Security is the mechanism that safeguards the private information of any organization. During this kind of internship, you will have the opportunity to see the security problems that businesses encounter regularly and learn how to respond in such circumstances as they arise.

This kind of internship is very prevalent in the healthcare and finance sectors, where information security is utilized for safeguarding patient data and sensitive financial information.

5. iOS Engineering Intern

An iOS engineering intern building applications on an Apple computer.

An iOS engineering intern will get practical experience building applications that are tailored to the Apple platform. You will be working on both the front-end and back-end components of the project, gaining full-stack expertise in the process. 

You will be utilizing XCode, Swift, and maybe even React Native. Maintaining your patience while you master the steps involved in publishing to the App Store, including creating provisioning profiles, obtaining developer certifications, and submitting applications after they have been made, will be essential.

6. Android Engineering Intern

As an Android engineering intern, you will work as part of a team to design and develop sophisticated Android mobile operating system apps. Effective communication will be critical to your success as you work with cross-functional teams to define, develop, and deploy new features.

You’ll also help with technical planning, development, and system integration on client engagements, from the definition to implementation. Critical thinking skills will be necessary for this internship because you will be evaluating requirements, wireframing systems, and identifying capabilities of linked systems to suggest suitable solutions.

Where to Look for a Computer Science Internship

Computer science is a competitive industry. To get an internship, you must be persistent in your application. So, where should you start?

You may also contact your school’s academic advising and career planning departments or visit job fairs to obtain an internship in computer science. Use your existing network to find new possibilities.

Then, go to the company’s website and see whether they employ interns. You may send a cold email to the firm and recipient, introducing yourself, your abilities, and why you want to intern there.

Computer Science’s Career Opportunities

A close-up shot of a computer program coded into a database by a computer science intern.

Computer science is a wide-ranging, rapidly developing, diverse, and enjoyable area of study. Having a long internship enables you to get job experience while getting your foot in the door, so you’re well-positioned to start your career.

These jobs are amidst the most in-demand in the industry:

  • Software Developer
  • Computer Hardware Engineer
  • Computer Network Architect
  • Computer Network Analyst
  • Information Systems Analyst
  • Computer Programmer
  • Project Manager
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager

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