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3 Post-Grad Entrepreneurs Give Advice on Life After College

This post is all about life after college from the perspective of 3 awesome graduates to help you with your after graduation plans.

3 Post-Grad Entrepreneurs Give Advice on Life After College

When you become a senior in college like me, you stress about what to do after graduation. First, everyone is concerned about your grades; then they get concerned about your after graduation plans, which makes you even more anxious.

But don’t you ever wish that you could get a feel for what life after college is like through the lens of someone else? Well, now you can!

Whether you want to be an entrepreneur or go straight to grad school, these ladies will help you get a feel for what either is like after you graduate college!

nia chantalNia from

Nia is known as The Fearless Millennial for a reason; she quit multiple jobs after college to pursue her passion for journalism. She founded, a beauty, lifestyle, and culture platform for the Millennial and Gen Z creative entrepreneur.

What’s one thing you wish you had done before you graduated from college?

I definitely wish I had a few internships under my belt prior to graduating. They are key and put you ahead of others who haven’t had an internship. I completed 2 internships post-grad and I can’t help but think that I may have been a better candidate for full-time positions had I completed those internships earlier.

What was the toughest thing about your transition after you graduated?

It seemed like everyone around me had secured great jobs before even graduating. I was having such a tough time finding a job, I eventually sunk into depression. It took me a while but I realized that I’m not defined by a job or how quickly I secured one pre or post-grad. Especially for my field; it’s a gradual process that’s not linear. You will do and try so many things before you find the perfect career.

What advice would you give college seniors to prepare for life after graduation?

Relax. You have your entire life ahead of you. It’s okay if you don’t know exactly what you want to do post-grad. Be open to new experiences and opportunities. Travel the world if you can. People don’t really expect you to have it together until you’re 25. And even if you’re 26 and still don’t have it together, it’s a personal process. Discover yourself and welcome the journey ahead.

What are some obstacles you had to overcome to start your business and what did you wish you had known before you started?

MONEY. I launched my magazine right after leaving my last position. I literally had nothing but a dollar and a dream. Because I had previously worked in media and ran other platforms, I was able to work out kinks on other people’s dime. I haven’t had too many mistakes so far. I run everything legally and professionally, and it’s proven to be the right path.

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs wanting to start a business after college?

Just do it. Research your market and your idea. Make sure there’s a void where your service and product are needed. Even if you want to do something that’s already market saturated, like hair or lashes, research to see what others aren’t doing and capitalize on that. The first question when building your business is why do people need this business/ service/ product, then go from there.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned since you graduated?

Integrity is key. As a young entrepreneur or career person people with prey on your green state. A lot of us are so naive on how businesses work that we are often taken advantage of. Know your worth. Do your research. Get a GENUINE mentor that can help guide you on your path. Most importantly, you can live the life you want to create. Believe in yourself and your ideas. If God gave you the vision, he’s already laid everything out so that you may execute. Do it, fearlessly.

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sam at samanthability
Sam from

Samantha is a full-time writer and blogger from Orlando, Florida. She blogs about freelancing and breaking up with your 9-5 job on

What’s one thing you wish you had done before you graduated from college?

I wish I took more internships. I did one internship in college, but it didn’t really help much. I ended up doing a second internship right after graduation and it was super valuable. I wish I had done an experience like that before I graduated.

What was the toughest thing about your transition after you graduated?

Moving! I immediately moved to a new city ONE DAY after graduation, and that was really chaotic. But it was mainly hard to break into my industry with an entry-level job. I wasn’t having any luck, and it was really depressing for a few months.

What advice would you give college seniors to prepare for life after graduation?

I would first say to have fun! I was so stressed about getting a job after graduation that I didn’t take the time to enjoy the time with my friends in school. Just don’t put too much stress on yourself. You’ll figure it out. You don’t need a full-time job lined up to be successful. It’s okay to take some time to figure it out!

What’s the hardest part about being an entrepreneur post-grad or in general?

Being taken seriously! I love what I do, but I feel like working for yourself after graduation isn’t taken seriously. A lot of my older relatives don’t understand, for instance, and they seem to think I took the easy way out instead of getting a “real job.” I know that’s not true, but it’s annoying to deal with that opposition.

What tips do you have for creating a schedule to work and be productive as an entrepreneur/freelancer (after having your days structured in college for so long)?

Stick with the structure that works for you. The best part about working for yourself is that you don’t have to stick with college/work hours. If you work best in the mornings, work in the mornings. Work best at 11 pm? Work into the late night as much as you want. Lean into this freedom because you’ll quickly learn what times work best for you.

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What advice do you have for students interested in traveling after college? Any tips on budgeting, apps, or finding deals?

Be openminded about where and how you travel. If you want to travel for the cheap, you sometimes have to look for the cheapest destinations. That means finding the cheapest flights and basing your destination around those locations, as well as staying in inexpensive accommodations like hostels or share houses. I’d also recommend checking out which gives you options for volunteering abroad in exchange for free housing or food. It’s a cheap way to experience the world while gaining real-life skills!

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sofi at the oddittySofi from

Sofi is a vibrant, young, grad school student and member of the InfluenceHer Collective. On her lifestyle blog,, she shares her experience and gives advice on self-growth, graduate school, and blogging.

What’s one thing you wish you had done before you left undergrad?

I wish I actually had more fun! I know this is super weird but I was very involved in my organizations and with my academics that every time I had free time, it had to do with a student organization and never just me being selfish with my time! So, I wish I let myself breathe and enjoy being just a student!

What was the toughest thing about your transition after you left undergrad? Do you think there’s much of a difference going to grad school right after college (other than the workload)?

OOO def toughest thing was making new friends especially since I moved to Virginia from Louisiana. The move was a huge adjustment for me so I struggled a lot with meeting new people and getting accustomed to grad life! You see, as an undergrad, you come into school and you have orientation leaders, RA’s, student orgs that want you… as a graduate student, you have to intentionally seek out some of these opportunities and sometimes it can be hard! That was the biggest difference with undergrad! You’re officially sort of grown and on your own and depending on your degree your class work can be more or less!

What advice would you give to college seniors who plan to go to grad school right after undergrad?

If you don’t have a choice… then go to grad school immediately! If you do, take a break! And I am speaking directly to my really involved college seniors who truly thrived in their undergrad experience. Take some time to find out who you are after school and then take that plunge and conquer grad school. As an international student, I had to go to grad school to stay in the country because I didn’t want to get a job just yet!

What advice do you have for college grads that are moving for grad school or post-college in general? What helped you with your transition after you moved?

I am still learning and adjusting but I pushed myself and was willing to be open to new adventures! Be free and push to embrace changes!

What is the most important thing you’ve learned since you graduated?

I have learned that I am enough. That I am smart, educated, beautiful, brilliant etc. All the adjectives to prove that I know what I am doing. In grad school, you can struggle with something called the impostor syndrome which makes you feel like you are less than others in your class (especially if you’re really young like me). I soon realized that I am enough and I can make contributions in class and around my university. Once I realized that I was okay!

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3 post-grad entrepreneurs give advice on life after college

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