New Year, New Me (Really)

New Year, New Me, REALLY

The New Year is approaching and I really want to I’m going to incorporate all the things I’ve learned this year into my life. One of the first things I’m working on is speaking things into existence and setting goals in the positive form rather than quick lists. In the new year, I don’t want to, I’m going to. 

Ironically, I questioned myself as to whether I should wait for the New Year or if I should start now. I actually decided to be lazy for the last three days and start my new journey of personal growth in the new year. I’ve wasted a lot of time doing pretty much nothing during the break (which I planned on doing anyway) so I wouldn’t say I didn’t get anything accomplished. Although I return to school on Jan 7, I’m going to quit my laziness on Jan 1 and make some changes in my life.

A lot of the following are things I’ve tried to do and be consistent with but failed. I truly believe that if I want to really change for the better I have to work on these things and not let my “failures” or “incompletes” be swept under the rug. I’m going to take accountability for my actions and I’m going to live a healthy and positive life in the new year.

Below are some changes I’ve drafted in my mind that I’ve decided to make note of. On December 31, 2016, I’m going to revise this list and begin working on January 1, 2017. I’ve discouraged myself many times and said “I’ll start tomorrow,” or “I’ll do this tomorrow,” and tomorrow never comes. I refuse to live like that in the new year.

Goals for the New Year.

  1. I’m going to eat healthier: I’m going to put some effort in an effective grocery list that will allow me to eat healthier, balanced meals. I will also do research on easy dinners for college.
  2. I’m going to exercise: I’m going to train my lower body first, then my upper body. I’m going to have a proper, conducive work out routine and schedule so that I don’t fall short. I WILL NOT FALL SHORT.
  3. Set AND achieve goals: I will set short term goals for the semester of things I want to accomplish and I WILL accomplish them all. I will print a copy for my wall, have a copy in my phone and laptop and everywhere possible as a reminder.
  4. I will be positive and speak things into existence: I will effectively set myself on a path to achieve all my realistic short term goals for the semester and I will be positive and confident in my journey.
  5. I will not doubt myself: I will pursue every opportunity that comes along my way and try new things this semester. I will not put things off because of fear of inadequacy or trying something new.
  6. I WILL EXPLORE: I will do at least one thing that I haven’t done before that allows me to step outside of my comfort zone.
Goals for Spring Semester.
  1. Learn a new skill: I will utilize my resources to learn a new skill, whether it directly benefits my major or not.
  2. Volunteer! No more procrastination. I will find a cause I care about and volunteer.
  3. Develop a support system: I will bond with my peers from the student organization and seek out like-minded young women in other organizations.
  4. STAY ON BUDGET: I will research and create an effective and realistic budget tailored to my needs and I will stick to it.
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