Gauselmann receives license for virtual slot games

The Gauselmann Group continues to expand and bring new innovative technologies to the market. The company from East Westphalia has now launched a new project under the name "Sonnenspiele". Thus, another subsidiary has been entered on the white list.

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Gauselmann continues to score

The Gauselmann Group is once again causing upheaval in the gaming sector. After the group had just provided for positive headlines, in which it was announced that unnecessary lighting is to be renounced, in order to save energy, one offers now an attractive participation model for setting up entrepreneurs and special play fun for fans of on-line gambling. In a press release it was now announced that Solar Operations Limited.

Participation model for site operators inclsuive

The Gauselmann Group is thus turning words into deeds. In the future, "Sonnenspiele" will be found under the domain Furthermore, the use of Merkur eSolutions is intended to enable site operators and customers of adp Merkur GmbH to participate in this offer. According to the Group, customers can expect a diverse range of games on "Sonnenspiele", including classic games from Merkur and games from other well-known providers. You must jeetwin registration to access the games.

What are Merkur eSolutions all about?

But what exactly are Merkur eSolutions all about? With this solution, adp Merkur GmbH connects the stationary and online gaming worlds. The participation model gives customers and site operators the opportunity to benefit equally from online gaming on "Sonnenspiele". This is made possible by the Merkur eSolutions terminal, which provides access to highly frequented locations. Here, customers can register for the online game and the Paylado e-wallet quickly and easily on their own. With the help of this payment method from Merkur, customers will be able to deposit cash at stationary locations in the future and use it directly to play online.

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What are the advantages of the terminal?

The terminal can help operators who have registered for e-money payments to benefit from all Paylado transactions. The Paylado online terminals from Gauselmann subsidiary GeWeTe will additionally be used in locations where there is an increased need for security and where many bills are transacted. The Gauselmann Group itself describes this innovation as a 360-degree offer for all fans of gambling on the Internet. Modern customers in particular are to be addressed by this new technology.