This is why sports betting is now advertised on ARD and ZDF

Sports betting ads or generic gambling ads are a thorn in the side of many TV viewers. In the past few years, anyone who wanted to avoid exposure to ultrasound knew only one way. On television, public broadcasters had to hold on. ARD and ZDF were considered oases of calm from casino advertising and sports betting. It's enough. There are several reasons. However, first of all, it should be noted that from July 1, 2021, online gambling, including casino games, is officially considered legal. The only requirement is a valid license from Asia. At least the big names in the industry are already well positioned in this regard.

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ARD and ZDF are currently broadcasting the European Football Championship 2022. Although television rights to this major football event were expensive, the public interest may justify the investment. Starting from the quarter-finals, gambling ads were shown for the first time. And here begins at least a small paradox. Because there is a documentary in the ARD media library called Dangerous Sports Betting. The dangers of drug addiction and even elevated suicide rates are discussed. Yet public broadcasters can no longer avoid sports betting sponsorship. On the one hand, the legality of services. On the other hand, the best Tether sports betting sites is a DFL premium affiliate and has first access rights to the program's advertising.

Bookmakers Legally Advertise Public Broadcasters

Sports betting is legal. And Tipico has partnered with the German Football League (DFL) as a premium partner. Thus, you have secured the right of first access to the advertising space. Until now, ARD and ZDF have always been able to evade if the ads come from supposedly illegal providers. But now the legitimacy is confirmed. If providers have a license from Germany, the right to advertise must be granted. Thus Tipico ads in particular will appear relatively frequently with the start of the national leagues. And not only the alleged market leader Tipico smells the dawn and a new advertising platform. Bwin also had chances for ARD and ZDF. "King of Europe" is the name of a new bonus from the provider, which is also currently being advertised for public broadcasters.

A lot has changed in terms of sports betting advertising. Officials are no longer allowed to advertise as so-called testimonials. So Tipico is allowed to advertise, but Oliver Kahn no longer says, "Your bet is in safe hands." He holds a position at Bayern. Even active players are not allowed to act as advertising ambassadors for bookmakers. But of course, you don't need reviews, in fact, you don't even need actors to advertise. In fact, according to the White List of the Darmstadt Regional Council, more than a dozen providers already have a German license, and this trend is growing. Tiptorro has recently received a concession. And anyone with a license is officially legal as of July 1, 2021. Therefore, advertising on ARD and ZDF cannot be waived.

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Advertising sports betting in clubs: sponsorship under criticism

What difference does it make if Tipico, Bwin and Co. advertise sports betting on ARD and ZDF? There is a sports show. And Bundesliga clubs can be seen in a sports show. Many run with a bookmaker on a T-shirt. And if this is not really the case, we will definitely find the appropriate advertising around the perimeter while we watch football. Millions of revenues are at stake for football clubs. However, no active action against sports sponsorship has been taken so far. In particular, smaller clubs would probably even lose their livelihood, at least in the case of a short-term solution. However, due to football being a role model and being watched by many children and young people, sports sponsorship has been heavily criticized. Experts are concerned about this topic not only in Germany. There are interesting developments in this respect, especially in England and Austria.