The Road to Recovery


First off, let me say that I just had a heart to heart conversation with my best friend and it seems like he’s finally evolving and learning to love himself and realizing the control he has on his life (that he so often ignored and gave up in the past). This makes me so happy.

Secondly, my mentor has really been bringing out the best in me. I often questioned why God put him in my life exactly when he did (after I lost all motivation). But I’m piecing it together. It’s just so amazing to me how life happens/how things work. My first mentor didn’t reply to me for a reason. She was busy for a reason – so she wouldn’t have time for me – so I can get her changed – so I can get the mentor I have now.

The reason these two things are so important is because I fell off from where I was this time last year. I lost sight of my goals and what was important to me and I failed to keep doing the things that got me there. This is why my mentor is so important; because he’s helping me get back there. And it’s important that my best friend is reaching that self-actualization point because when my friends are doing well it helps me do well. It helps me because I feel like I’m not alone now. Someone (that I’m very close to) understands now. I feel like we can take on the new year together.

I’ve been meaning to do some deep introspection and contemplation of my life but I can’t figure out why I keep putting it off. I used to think it was because I was so busy but I’m starting to think it’s my own fault because I keep making that an excuse. But I also think it’s because I may not be ready yet. Maybe I need to go with the flow or things and have more experiences before I can really ask myself what’s important to me and what I want. (or are these just more excuses?)


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