Should I Bring My Desktop to College? (Your Potential Next Best Buddy)

A desktop computer along with other gadgets and stationery items placed on top of a wooden desk.

When you are a college student in today’s world, it is very necessary to have a desktop computer just as it is to have textbooks. College students used to be able to live and flourish without the use of personal computers, but those days are long gone.

As students’ academic reliance on computers grows, they must have access to computers while in college. As for me, I am well aware that we all have different preferences. 

Some students may wonder, “Should I get a laptop for college?” Others may also ask, “Should I bring my desktop computer to college?”

The truth is that desktop computers provide you with the ability to use a computer on your own. Furthermore, your particular needs in terms of whether or not you should bring a desktop computer to college will vary depending on the kind of education you are pursuing and how you want to use your new computer.

Please, do not worry too much! This article will provide you a greater overview of the factors involved in bringing your desktop computer to college. Discover why desktop computers will be your best buddy during your college years!

Factors to Consider in Bringing Your Desktop to College

An aerial shot of a college student working on some homework using a desktop computer, with stationery items and decor arranged on a wooden desk.

Here are nine factors you should consider if you plan to bring your desktop computer with you to college.


You don’t have to worry anymore about formatting your homework and essays if you have access to a desktop computer. That is, apart from that, if you may be able to find a part-time job that requires you to sit in front of your desktop computer and type for many hours each day in the near future, you’ve got the best decision.

On top of that, the popularity of mechanical keyboards has recently seen an increase in recent years, and you can plug it in with a laptop, too. You should invest in a high-quality ASMR keyboard if you want to get the maximum pleasure out of it!


Desktop computers, as opposed to laptop computers, are not allowed to be brought into the classroom. Desktop computers come with a variety of accessories, including the CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, web cameras, table, and chair. That is a significant amount of equipment to carry! 

Moving your desktop from a different location to another is such a pain. I highly suggest that you place your desktop computer in your dorm room, where you will be able to use it comfortably and, of course, where you will be close to the Internet connection in order to get the most out of it while at college.


A college guy working on a programming homework on his desktop computer in his dorm room at night.

Despite the fact that laptops are becoming more capable, there are certain things that a desktop computer excels at. If you want to multitask and use sophisticated programs, you will discover that a desktop computer runs much better than a laptop computer. Furthermore, if you’re a gamer, having your gaming setup close by is a big advantage. 

Even though laptops are equipped with graphics cards comparable to those found in desktop computers, such cards cannot generate the same amount of power as graphics cards found in desktop computers. There’s also the problem of your laptop overheating, which may make it very unpleasant to put your hands on it for long periods of time!

For the Love of Storage

Desktop computers may be configured and inserted with several internal storage devices, which is a convenient option since it reduces the need to worry about losing or misplacing your external storage devices or flash drives. 

Having anything on your flash drive makes it simple to move to your computer’s desktop right away, and organizing things on bigger storage devices is much simpler, right?

Assembly and Setup

A desktop computer set complete with monitor, CPU, keyboard, and mouse.

You must consider the following before bringing your desktop to college: Apart from your obnoxious college roommate, where would you ideally place your desktop computer if you did not have enough space in your dorm room? The most significant disadvantage of a desktop computer is simply its size and the amount of room it takes up. 

It is possible to customize your desktop area in order to be more productive. Adding a little spice to your study space is not a bad thing. Additionally, in recent years, having a fantastic desktop corner arrangement has been increasingly trendy. If space is not a problem, then you could absolutely bring your desktop with you!

Larger Screens

The most apparent benefit of bringing your desktop computer to college is the larger screen than the laptop. Larger monitor displays provide many advantages. First and foremost, a bigger display will be more comfortable on the eyes than a laptop monitor. 

You won’t have to hurt your eyes to see what you’re doing, your homework, or your part-time job. Second, a bigger display area allows you to see more information simultaneously, whether your professor’s complex presentations, playing your games, or just streaming your favorite show.

What’s more? With a larger screen, you can easily see two windows at the same time, which is very convenient! Using this method, you may improve your productivity without jeopardizing your sight. 

Virtual Classes

A college girl participating in an online class on her desktop computer.

As a consequence of the pandemic, virtual classes have now replaced the typical way of teaching students as the new standard of practice. It’s unclear whether or not they will permanently normalize attending virtual courses for lecture topics in the future as a result of all of this. Desktop computers are preferred for virtual classes because the setup can be arranged to seem as if you are a professional attending a meeting, which is more realistic. 

For me, the atmosphere created by taking courses on a desktop computer is much more enjoyable than the atmosphere created by attending classes on a laptop computer.


For those who are hardcore gamers, you should consider taking your desktop computer to college with you in order to continue playing games. The purpose of college life is much more than just studying, so be sure to fill your days with a variety of pleasant memories! 

Consider the option of playing games with your college buddies during breaks or just to alleviate the stress of all of your school work if you have the opportunity.


When it comes to repairing, I think a desktop computer is much more convenient than a laptop computer. Fortunately, since each desktop has its own set of components, it isn’t necessary to repair them all at once. Instead, just the part that has been damaged has to be fixed, and it may also be replaced more quickly. 

On the contrary, when it comes to laptops, you must submit the whole gadget to a professional who may ask you to wait for many days and cost you more money, interfering with your regular activities.

Final Thoughts

A desktop computer along with other stationery items and rustic-inspired decor arranged neatly on a wooden desk.

To sum it up, if you are interested in getting a degree in architecture, engineering, or computer-related courses, you must bring your desktop computer to college with you. Desktop computers are much more convenient for you since you need to install hefty software, which laptop computers cannot handle at times. 

When it comes to pursuing an education that does not require the use of heavy software, you may choose between a desktop computer and a laptop computer, or perhaps both if you’re fortunate!

Ultimately, your choices are determined by your own preferences. I hope you’ll get along with your college buddy through ups and downs. A desktop computer will have your back throughout your college life!

Written by The Metamorphosis

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