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Spring Break Staycation | 10 Awesome Staycation Ideas College Students Must Try in 2019

spring break staycation ideas

Spring break is a great time to take a well-needed break from all your hard work and procrastination during the semester.

Traveling for spring break is great but you can also have a spring bring staycation and have lots of fun!

This post is about 10 ways to have an awesome spring break staycation and make the most out of your mini-break.

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Here are 10 ways to enjoy your Spring Break Staycation this year:

spring break staycation ideas - relax1. Relax

You might be tempted to get a head start on upcoming projects and tasks, but don’t. Spring break is your time to relax and unwind. When you get a break, you shouldn’t work through it. Give your mind and body some time to rejuvenate itself so that you’re more productive when the break is over. There’s always time to do work but it’s harder to find time to take a break.


spring break staycation ideas - relax and sleep2. Catch up on sleep

As college students, our sleeping schedules tend to be just a little bit off sometimes. If you’re like me and your body doesn’t know the difference between 4 am and 4 pm because you’re up either way, then this one’s for you. Turn off all of your alarms and take a break. Allow your body to fully rest and wake up naturally. After all, you only get to do this for a week before it’s back to rigid schedule.


spring break staycation ideas - go to a nice restaurant3. Dine out

Go to your favorite restaurant or some new places you’ve been wanting to try. Just because you’re not traveling for spring break, doesn’t mean you have to stay in your house/dorm all day. Pick a nice place, get dressed up, and go out to eat with your friends!


spring break staycation ideas - read a book4. Read / Listen to Audiobooks

If you want to be productive without doing homework or school projects, read a book instead. Get some recommendations online in your favorite genre and use your Amazon Prime Student membership to get yourself a great book! If you’re interested in self-improvement books to help you become the best version of yourself, I offer a whole list here.

P.S. If you’re like me and you find it hard to physically sit down and read a book sometimes (especially if you’re busy), try Audible. I’ve been using it for about a year now and I absolutely love it! I can listen to books in my car, while I’m eating, walking somewhere, and so on. The best part is it’s hands-free so you can relax while indulging in your favorite book! You can get started with this free trial and get 2 books for free.


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spring break staycation ideas - spa day5. Spa day

A spa day is a great way to unwind and treat yourself! You can either go to a real spa to relax and enjoy the service and atmosphere. or you can do it yourself if you’re on a budget.


spring break staycation ideas - movie night6. Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a good movie night? Rather than staying at home all day, go see a good movie with your friends. Find out what’s showing at your local movie theatre and have a night out to have some fun!


spring break staycation ideas - go to your local park7. Visit the Park

One of the best things about spring break is the weather! Have a picnic at your local park with your family or friends to take in some sun. You can also visit nearby restaurants and participate in activities around the park.


spring break staycation ideas - be a tourist8. Be a tourist in your own town

Chances are you haven’t seen/done everything there is to see/do in your town. What do people visit your city for? What are some popular things to do in the area? Do a quick Google search or get some brochures for activities in your area and go do some of them with your friends!


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spring break staycation ideas - go to a local concert or music festival9. Go to a local concert/show

Are there any upcoming music festivals, concerts, or shows coming up in your area? You can also do a quick Google search or listen in on the radio to find out. Even if there’s not, you can always do something like go to a comedy club or local show that wouldn’t receive as much popularity as a music festival.


treat yo self gif10. Treat yo self!

You’ve been working hard these past few months so why not treat yourself?? You deserve it! Review your budget and make a list of activities you can do to spoil yourself. This can include mani-pedis, a spa day, fancy restaurant, or a big purchase you’ve been wanting for some time now.


10 ways to enjoy a spring break staycation

What are some ways you enjoy your spring break staycation?


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