10 Stocking Stuffers for College Students They’ll Actually LOVE

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With the holiday season quickly approaching, as it does every year, we always end up with the same question: What do we give for presents?! As if that isn’t already a tough question, if you have a special someone who is returning home for the holidays from college, you probably are wondering what to get them that can actually serve a purpose.

But what can you get to stuff their stockings that they will be able to easily take back to their dorm and life back in school? We have 10 amazing stocking stuffer ideas that any college kid would love to get this holiday season!

Stocking Stuffers for College Students:

  1. Gift Cards

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buy from amazon

Whether it be from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Starbucks – gift cards are a college student’s best friend. This works especially if they aren’t giving you clear answers as to what they want for the holidays. Getting gift cards for places like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, helps them pay for books they may be able to get through those places. Starbucks and Dunkin gift cards help them stay up and cram the night before midterms, er, get up really early all week long to study. Yeah, that’s why students need coffee – for all those early mornings!

  1. Cards Against Humanity

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Let’s get real, young adults these days have a very different type of humor and it is perpetuated through the card game, Cards Against Humanity. The game includes everyone at the table and the person with the most dark humor response, typically, wins. This is a great game for college students to help them make friends and invite people over for those college nights they won’t forget with people that could potentially be their friends for a lifetime. And what better way to bond than sharing a similar twisted sense of humor?! 

  1. Fuzzy Socks

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As mentioned above, no one is going to be mad about getting socks in their stockings this year. They really are a huge trend among college-aged kids now! Fuzzy and fun socks can really make anyone’s day! Especially for the colder months, they are a perfect gift! Maybe, as a family, everyone can recreate that Risky Business scene in your matching fuzzy socks. #FuzzySocksGang

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  1. Coffee Mugs

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buy from amazon

If there is one thing any college student loves more than coffee it is coffee mugs. With so many adorable choices now (due to Target and Starbucks understanding their market!) there are thousands to choose from that anyone can relate to. Between showing off your pride in being a #DogMom or your admiration of sloths, there are endless possibilities when you look up “cute coffee mugs” online. 

  1. Laptop Stickers

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buy from amazon

What better way to show state pride or support the Save the Turtles movement than getting some laptop stickers? Laptop stickers are a great way to show off the things your student is interested in without having to get it tattooed on their body (or some other less dramatic way). Not to mention, these are great conversation starters for when they are in class or at a study session. 

  1. Bath Bombs

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One of the latest Instagram and Snapchat video trends are of the mesmerizing effects of the dissolving of bath bombs. With thousands of colors and effects, they have taken over the body product section of any store. This stocking stuffer idea is perfect for the college girls in your life as they will probably appreciate the science of it a little more with candles and a glass of wine – oops! Soda! 

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  1. Portable Charger

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Having a portable charger on you at all times has become more of a normal item to be found in a person’s car or purse. In case of weather emergencies, long road trips, or going to a weekend-long music festival – portable chargers are any young person’s lifesaver. 

  1. Jewelry

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Coming back to school with a new, flashy watch or diamond necklace will make your student go back looking and feeling confident! With online shops like Etsy, there are hundreds of shops that can help you pick out the perfect gift like stackable rings, monogrammed bracelets, and elegant watches. 

  1. Popsocket

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Every young adult needs to have a Popsocket. These are small, attachable devices that stick to the back of phones so that the user doesn’t have to hold their abnormally large phone so uncomfortably or be able to set down their phone so it can be elevated when they want to watch something without having to hold it for so long. They come in a variety of colors, themes, and characters from different shows and movies so you can really choose any kind you know they will want!

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  1. Key Chain

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Give them a memory to look at wherever they go! A keychain to remind them of home or their favorite sports team is a perfect way to get them to think of you, no matter where they are. Attaching a little keychain to their stuff is a simple little reminder that you are always there with them, even when you physically can’t be.


These stocking stuffer ideas don’t stop here! Put your own take on these if you feel necessary or even add your own! These are our top 10 favorite items because any college student of any gender or age will really appreciate the effort and importance each of these gifts will provide.

Reading this blog post after the holidays? No worries! Use this as a guideline for a birthday package to send them! Either way, the love will translate no matter what day of the year it is!


Share these stocking stuffer ideas with your friends and family to help them this holiday season!

10 amazing stocking stuffers for college students

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