The Best Study Planner to Improve Your Note Taking Skills

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There’s a solution to your disorganized study notes!

Your life (and grades) are about to be a whole lot better!

Remember when you glanced over at your classmate’s notes and everything looked insanely organized and color coded and you wondered what it would be like to be that organized?

Or maybe there was a time when you were studying for a test and you came across a page in your notes and you wondered if you wrote in a foreign language or how you were going to pass the class with your notes being so disorganized (We’ve all been there!).

Tired of your notes looking like this?

disorganized study notes

Source: Nancy Darling

Or maybe your notes aren’t that bad and you’re just trying to be more organized?

Don’t you wish you could keep all of your important study notes organized so that it’s easier to study?

Well, we’ve got a solution for you!

study planner the metamorphosis


How This Study Planner Works

It’s simple.

The Study Planner will be delivered to you instantly via download.

Then, all you have to do is print the images out and store it in a binder (we recommend this one) and fill them in!

The best part is that you get to keep your download for life and you can print out as much as you want! These study planning sheets will last you throughout college!



How to Use the Study Planner

1. Take it with you to class!

Print out your handy dandy sheets and take them with you to class to take excellent notes!

Have a lot of equations you need to memorize for a math/accounting class? There’s a sheet for that.

Need to take down a lot of definitions for important terms? There’s a sheet for that.

Have a paper coming up soon and you want to start planning your essay? There’s a sheet for that.

And there’s more where that came from!


2. Rewrite your notes when studying for a test

I know what you’re thinking, “why should I rewrite my notes?”

Because it’ll help you remember the information for your test!

You don’t have to completely rewrite everything, but in case you didn’t use the Study Planning sheets the first time around, now is a great time to organize your most important notes for your exam. 


Benefits of the Study Planner

  • Keep your important definitions, equations, citations, and timeline notes SUPER organized for every class.
  • Write college papers/essays 10x faster and improve the quality of your papers to get better grades.
  • Increase your productivity when studying and completing assignments.
  • Improve your GPA by having better and more organized notes and assignments.



What You’ll Get:

(Both in pink and blue!)

  • Cover Page
  • Daily Study Planner
  • Grade Tracker
  • Important Notes
  • Important Vocabulary
  • Important Equations
  • History Timeline
  • Essay Outline
  • Essay Citations
  • Pomodoro Tracker
  • Notes

Get the Study Planner here!

college student study planner

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