15 Super FUN Summer Job Ideas for College Students

Summer is great, but when you get to the pre-adulthood stage that is college, you realize that you have to probably work to pay for the next year. Are you looking for Summer Job Ideas for College Students?

Summer jobs don’t have to be boring or be something that you aren’t even interested in.

Of course, you can be a barista and develop skills that will make you look super cool back in college, but you don’t even like coffee!

So what we got for you are 15 AMAZING summer job ideas for college students!

Summer Job Ideas for College Students

1. Work on a Cruise Ship

Because how awesome would it be to work on the open seas for a summer? You can meet a ton of new, interesting people during your time on the ship. As long as you aren’t prone to seasickness, then you should absolutely go for it, and their many jobs for college students!

2. Work on a Dude Ranch/horse ranch

If you are someone who loves ranch work or something along those lines, this job is perfect for you. Working with horses, helping people get used to riding them, keeping the animals happy, and meeting groups of people who are just so excited to get riding are all things you can expect when working at a place like a Dude Ranch.

3. Be a Hiking Guide

If you’re adventurous and you love being outdoors, a hiking guide is probably your dream career. Especially if you live somewhere like Denver or Arizona where the mountains are numerous and people are always looking for something to climb – you will find a lot of success doing this. It doesn’t take much to get registered so do it now before the summer comes!

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4. Be a Camp Counselor

Good morning, campers! Give yourself a throwback and go back to summer camp this year! What is more fun than seeing kids have the time of their lives just like you did? Maybe you didn’t get to go camping, now you can live out that missed experience while getting paid!

5. Nanny

People who thrive off taking care of children deserve to be well-paid. Many families in your town will be in need of a nanny at some point, if not all the summer. Getting to take care of some cool kiddos and being a positive influence for them is something you will totally be so proud of.

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6. Be a Travel Aide

You can sign up to travel with someone who is older or has a disability this summer. People miss out on big plans due to their age or abilities – don’t let that stop them from having memories they will cherish forever!

7. Pet Sit

Pet lovers – unite! Everyone goes away at some point during the summer and they have to leave their precious fur babies behind. Set up flyers or post on local Facebook groups that you will be around to take care of their beloved pets while they are away. And who knows, maybe they will pay you to house sit, too!

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8. Work as an Extra in Movies

Now, who wouldn’t love to come back to school and say they were in a movie? Sign up to be an extra in some stuff being filmed around you. If you have lines, they are legally obligated to pay you BTW! So try your hand at acting this summer!

9. Bartend at Popular Places

If you need quick, easy cash – bartending is the way, my friend. In some states, you don’t even have to be 21 to bartend. Go to some local, popular places that you know are always busy and put your best bartending skills to the test for some awesome tips from drunk customers!

10. Paid Internships

What is better than getting your foot in the door in the industry you love? To be paid while you do it, of course! Look into paid internship opportunities where you are at this summer and get a leg up on the competition in your realm.

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11. Digital Media

You have so many avenues when it comes to getting involved in digital media. This could mean graphic design, writing blogs, responding to emails, getting involved in sales, or even getting into the IT side of things. And not to mention, most of these jobs are remote!

12. Photography

Between having a ton of summer weddings, kids’ birthday parties, and even births (if you feel comfortable doing that) you have so many reasons why going into photography will be ideal this summer. People love documenting memories and posting it all over their social media. So, you are bound to find more than just one opportunity to take some pics!

13. Administrative Assistant

Getting experience doing something administrative never hurts anyone’s resume! Doing this helps create an experience in dealing with customers, being the new guy, and understanding that no task is ever too small to do. It is a humbling job, but a rewarding one!

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14. Online Tutor

You don’t even have to leave your house for this one! You can simply be an online tutor for kids around the country who need just a little extra help with their summer schooling. And hey, they are usually younger so the material will be much easier! Woo!

15. Travel with a Musician

If they are well-known or not, traveling around with a musician would be great practice in doing PR stuff, learning about how to write music, or looking at steps in becoming one yourself someday! And you get total bragging rights when you go back to school.

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