Taking action – I’m tired of my sh*t

I decided to make this post because I’m tired of my shit. I’ve been complaining about feeling lost for the past 100 posts so despite not knowing what to do I figured I should at least do some self-evaluation in the meantime. I think that’s long overdue. For some reason, I think it’ll be more meaningful if I wrote it down vs on here. In the meantime I’m going to hold myself accountable for doing the following:

  1. Evaluate myself:
    1. What makes me happy?
    2. What do I love doing?
    3. What would I do more of if there were no limitations?
    4. What am I afraid of? (list everything)
    5. What do I think I need to do?
    6. Is there anything in my life I’m not happy with/have second thoughts about?
    7. What’s preventing me from doing something about it?
    8. What’s important to me?
    9. What would make me the happiest person in the world?
    10. What would I do for free forever?
    11. What do people ask me all the time? If I could make a video about something people ask me all the time what would it be?
  2. Make a list of everything I want for myself
    1. Virtual Vision board of tangible things I want to buy
    2. Emotional accomplishments and nontangible things I want/value
Remember: You have to put yourself first. No one else truly will because only you know what’s best for yourself. Make it happen. The time is now. Enough false motivation and no action. If you’re in a similar situation and you’re ready to get out of your rut, click to learn how to start your personal growth journey and become your best self.

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