Is Taking Classes After Graduation Still an Option?

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If there’s one thing that you should never stop doing your whole life, it’s learning and having the desire to learn. Sure, studying for years and years can become too much at times that you can’t wait to graduate, and you feel like you know all the things that you should know. 

However, after graduation, you quickly realize that you still have very much to learn when you are put out in the real world. And you may ask yourself, “Is taking classes after graduation something I could still do?” 

Classes After You Graduate

College, or even high school, graduation may be the last stage of studying for many people, but it does not have to be for you. You can further your studies and learning by taking classes, even after university. And yes, many schools allow such a thing for whatever purpose it may serve you.  

Take It from the Person Who Has Done It

I’m sure you know many people who already have a degree yet still choose to pursue classes after graduation. One person tells her story about her after graduation adventure, and it’s as entertaining as it gets. 

Back when she was younger, there were things she wanted to learn about that she couldn’t have the luxury to study since she was in for another degree. But after she graduated, she decided to follow her dream—to take classes just for the fun of it, to learn only for the sake of learning and not for passing. 

Since it has been a stress-free experience for her, she anticipates going back to her routine for the last sixteen years. Yes, she still submits homework, but she does it at her own pace as she does not hover over her computer for her schoolwork. Taking a class after graduation just for the sake of learning allows you to meet your deadlines unhurriedly. 

And if you have the financial capacity or the financial aid, the time, and desire to study further, she encourages you to take a class of your choice that will help you learn and enjoy learning in a stress-free environment. 

Why You Should Take Classes After Graduation

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To Raise Your GPA

If anyone says you do not deserve a second chance, don’t believe them when it comes to your GPA. If you feel like you did not do well in some classes when you were an undergraduate, you can enroll in a community college to re-take those classes to help increase your GPA.

Make better grades this time around, and submit your transcript with your undergrad applications. Your GPAs will then be averaged, improving your final GPA. 

For Grad School

Taking classes as a non-degree student to prepare for grad school is a normal thing to do. It helps you solidify your decision and think more about what you really want for graduate school. You can also take classes after you graduate to complete your prerequisites for graduate school.

Taking coursework will demonstrate if you can commit to the field, but you will need to confirm your options with our possible school for some specifics they will accept college credit from. 

As a Refresher

Taking breaks is necessary, and sometimes, we tend to be rusty in our field of work with them. Taking classes will refresh and even update your knowledge and skills relating to the area. 

Learn Something New

Taking a class after college allows you to pursue things you’re interested to learn about, like certain subjects or skills in areas like language, marketing, statistics, etc.

A class after graduation is better than self-study as you will have an instructor to facilitate your learning, monitor your progress, and sort out your work. And you will learn along with other people who are interested in the same field as well. 

For Mental and Social Stimulation

Taking a class feels different than doing nothing after university as it stimulates your brain and social skills being in an environment that encourages you to learn and socialize.

If you love learning and being in a mentally stimulating environment, taking classes after you graduate will help you exercise your brain and brush up on your communication skills.

For Fun

Believe it or not, when you are not pressured to study, school can be fun. Sometimes, after graduation, you still don’t know what to do. So, why not take more classes, just for fun this time?

Many graduates decided to take introductory classes after getting a B.A. degree for no apparent reason. 

The Non-Degree Status for Graduate School

Students enrolled in a non-degree course, listening to their professor discuss the subject matter in class.

The terms vary from different institutions. Some call it “special student” or “non-matriculating student. But most know it as “non-degree student,” and applying to be one is often simple and straightforward, on the assumption that you have a bachelor’s degree. 

Depending on your school where you will apply, some rarely request your transcripts or other personal statements since your application is not for full admission. The six (or more) credit hours you get as a non-degree student can then be used should you decide to apply as a degree student to complete your master’s or doctorate. 

As a lot of graduate courses have prerequisites, contacting your professor in advance via email or call is crucial to ensure that you can register for the course. And when you’ve made sure that you are on the green, you can register online for the enrollment process, depending on your university. 


Indeed, you spend a good amount of the years of your life studying, and sometimes, it can bring so much stress to you. Or maybe you want to pursue further studies, and you need to take other classes to enroll you in graduate school. Taking classes after you graduate sure sounds dragging. But it really isn’t.

In fact, many prove that it can benefit you more than you think. So, maybe just try taking one class while you’re taking a break from everything. And perhaps that one class will be enjoyable for you.

Written by The Metamorphosis

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