19 Things to Do During Winter Break for College Students

A female college student holding a cup of hot beverage while enjoying the snowy mountains during winter break.

As the months become cooler and the last autumn leaves fall, we know that it’s about time for winter break. Even though winter break tends to be longer than when you were in high school, it will still go by in an instant. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead some winter break activities and head into the next semester refreshed and ready to go. 

Here are 19 ideas for you to try this winter break.

Things to Do During Winter Break for College Students

Volunteer at the local animal shelter.

A college girl working at an animal shelter, holding a cat close to her chest.

There is nothing more fun than looking at cute animals all day. Give back to your community this winter break and pet some furry animals while you’re at it.

Find a part-time job.

Student loan payments are right around the corner. Get a head start on saving or get some extra cash for spending when you return to college. 

Get a massage. 

College is stressful. You will be surprised how much tension you’re holding in those shoulders!

Find an internship.

A college guy at a short-term internship with his mentor pointing to something on a computer screen.

As the real world becomes more competitive, college students should consider finding internships at any opportunity. There are such things as short internships over winter break. It could even turn into a summer internship or a full-time job. Get ahead of the curve and add something valuable to that resume of yours!

Try out meditation. 

Everyone can benefit from meditation, even if you only try it out for a few minutes. It can help tremendously with focus and overall mental health. 

Visit your old high school. 

If you’re spending the holiday break at home, chances are that school is still in session or just wrapping up for high school students. Pay a visit to your favorite teacher or offer to help out kids with their own college applications. 

Reunite with your old friends.

A college girl with her arms around her two hometown friends.

Just because you’re at different schools doesn’t mean that you must go your separate ways. Hang on to your hometown friendships for as long as you can. 

Cook a meal for your loved ones. 

Missing home-cooked meals is part of the college experience. Instead of coming home to be served, show your appreciation for those who raised you and learn to cook a meal for them. 

Take the lead on holiday planning.

’Tis the season for family reunions, giving presents, and lots of spiked eggnog. This year, why not step up for the holidays? 

Explore your hometown with fresh eyes. 

When you come home for winter break, try to find at least three places you have never been to so long as you have lived there. 

Go snowboarding or skiing.

A college guy in snowboarding gear at a big mountain ski resort.

Whether you’re ready for the bunny slopes or the black diamond, you can’t go wrong with winter sports over the holiday break. 

Go bar hopping. 

It’s officially time to hit up all the bars in your hometown that you couldn’t get into when you were underage. Party responsibly!

Learn about your family history. 

When you’re with your loved ones this year, take the time to ask them about life growing up. Your grandparents won’t be around forever, and you’ll look back when you’re older thanking your younger self that you learned about your background. 

Clean the house. 

Give your parents a break when you come home from college this winter break. Even a brief tidying up will go a long way to show your appreciation for your mom and dad. 

Binge watch a Netflix series.

If you’ve been too busy at college to binge-watch that British crime show, now is officially the time to take advantage of the winter break and do it. 

Take on some light reading.

A college girl wearing winter clothes and holding a mug of hot beverage while doing some light reading.

Isn’t it nice to have a break from those dense text books? Finally, you have some time to read a romance novel or something else that doesn’t require too much thinking. 

Make a collage.

Get inspired by the fall semester or quarter and put together a collage featuring your new friends and your fall adventures. You can probably find some old magazines in the garage to get you started and then print photos at the local pharmacy. Travel back to college with your artwork and hang it up in your new apartment. 

Give yourself a makeover. 

Learn to contour your face, break out of your comfort zone, find some bold new eyeshadow colors, or find a new wardrobe. 

Set achievable goals.

A college girl wearing winter clothes and holding a mug of hot beverage while sitting pensively on a couch in the living room.

Take time to do some self-reflection over winter break. Write down what you did well last semester and what you could have done better. Then, create a list of goals and steps to get there so that you can stay motivated when you return to college.

No matter what, don’t stress too hard about what you’re supposed to do during winter break. It’s called a break for a reason. As long as you do something slightly productive or just simply allow yourself the time to relax, winter break will be a success.

Written by The Metamorphosis

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