5 Cheap and Easy Valentine’s Day Ideas to try This Year

5 cheap and easy valentine's day ideas for college students - valentine's day gifts for her and him, valentine's day inspiration

That one day of the year that pressures you into showing your partner how much you care about them is quickly approaching! Yep, I’m talking about Valentine’s Day.

Many people think Valentine’s Day is overrated/superficial/lame and don’t pay attention to this pressure.

But for those of you who do and don’t want to break the bank, here are some cheap and easy college-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas.

And if you’re feeling lazy, you can always pick up one of these awesome (and affordable!) Valentine’s day gifts to go with these ideas!

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Romantic Indoor Picnic

Depending on where you live, February can be a cold month. So why not cozy up in front of the fireplace with your date for a romantic indoor picnic?

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Here’s what you’ll need:


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Jar of Love Notes

This is an easy DIY gift that will show your date how much you care about them without breaking the bank!

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Here’s what you’ll need:
    • list of romantic quotes or personal messages you’d like to write on each message (consider creating a Word/Google doc)
    • a glass jar – style 1 | style 2
    • gel pens
    • optional: curling ribbon (can also be used for balloons or on gift bag)


“Open When” Letters

A great alternative to the jar of love notes is a collection of handwritten letters designated for a specific event/emotion. You can have notes to “open when” they’re sad, bored, angry at you, missing you, and more! Be sure to make them handwritten to add that personal touch that will melt their heart!

valentines's day ideas for college students - open when letters and envelopesImage Source

Here’s what you’ll need:
  • your list of emotions or events when your partner should open the letters (and your messages) pre-planned in a Word/Google doc
  • gel pens
  • envelopes – either plain or colored
  • you can also use this great guide for 153 open when letter ideas!



Romantic (Netflix) Movie Night

Not just any regular movie night, a romantic one! Since most restaurants will be packed, opt to spend the night in and order some take-out or cook.

valentine's day ideas for college students - romantic netflix movie night

Here’s what you’ll need:
  • a Netflix account (who would’ve thought) or Redbox movies
  • rose petals to lay around the room
  • take out of your choice unless you decide to cook!



Send them flowers at work/home

Maybe you’re in a long distance relationship and won’t be able to see your valentine this year. Sending them flowers and chocolates with a personalized message can still make their day!

valentine's day ideas for college students - roses and flowers



At the end of the day, Valentine’s day is about showing that person how much you love and care about them. Make your gift/date ideas personalized and sweet and they’re bound to love it!


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