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7 Genius Tips for Waking Up Early in College (And Staying Up!)

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Most college students are night owls so waking up early is always a struggle! If this sounds like you, then you need to see these tips for waking up early in college.

Waking up early doesn’t have to make you feel miserable (it typically only does if you’re not getting enough sleep).

If you’re one of the self-proclaimed night owls and you want to utilize more time during the day to be productive then this post is for you.

Even if you’re not trying to change your routine altogether but you have a morning class that you couldn’t avoid taking, these tips for waking up early will definitely help.

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Tips for Waking Up Early in College:

1. Start developing a routine

The truth is, waking up early in college is a habit you have to develop.

Sure, you can set your alarm and force yourself out of bed but we all know how miserable that makes us. So don’t try to go that route.

You need to adjust your nighttime routine to make sure you go to bed earlier.

For example, if you typically start your assignments around 8:00 pm and you know it’s going to take a couple of hours, start it earlier so you can get ready for bed earlier.

You’re going to have to make major changes to your weekdays to start doing things earlier so you can be in bed at a certain time.

But don’t worry, the good thing about this is that you’ll have more time during the day to do your tasks because you’ll be up earlier!

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2. Go to bed earlier

This is an important part of your new night routine.

You absolutely need 7-9 hours of sleep every night, so adjust your sleeping schedule as necessary, depending on what time you have to wake up in the morning. So if you need to wake up at 5:00 am, then you should be in bed by 9:00 pm, and so on.

This will make sure you don’t feel too groggy in the morning and hit the snooze button on your alarm.


3. Put your phone in another room/hard to reach place

This is one of the best things you can do to force yourself out of bed in the morning.

Since most of us are addicted to our phones and check them first thing in the morning, we can actually use this addiction to help us in this case.

If you put your phone in a weird place like a drawer in your kitchen or desk in your dorm room, your “addiction” will force you to get out of bed when you want to use your phone.

This helps with getting you up and moving after you wake up. Now that you’re up and out of bed – stay up and start your day!

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4. Don’t rationalize and don’t hit snooze!

You probably conveniently check the time on your phone and convince yourself that you can get a few more minutes of sleep in – big no-no.

This will almost always make you oversleep and then rush through the morning on the verge of a breakdown because you’re now running late.

Don’t make this mistake. Wake up and GET UP!


5. Wash your face as soon as you get up

This is one of the best ways to help you wake up early and stay up!

If you ‘wash the sleep off of your face’ as soon as you wake up, you’re more likely to stay up because you’ll feel less tired.

Make sure you rinse off your cleanser with COLD water. That’s what does the trick.

Morning cleansers like Clean & Clear Morning Burst also help you feel more awake in the morning!

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6. Start your morning routine

Now that you’re up and you washed the crust off your face, it’s time to get productive!

Do not get back in bed to do anything, even if it’s an assignment. The comfort just might convince you to lay down and before you know it, you’re asleep.

Sit at your desk to do any work, or make breakfast, pick out your outfit, or whatever else you need to do.

Once you build that momentum and get busy it’ll definitely keep you awake.


7. Be Consistent

Research has shown that it takes an average of 66 days (not 21!) to form a new habit.

If you have morning classes then this will serve as a great incentive.

If you want to start waking up earlier you need to be consistent. It’s not going to be easy but you need to hang in there anyway.

Don’t beat yourself up if you mess up on one day, keep hiding your phone and don’t snooze your alarm.

Create a new morning routine to help you be more productive and get out of bed so your new habit can stick.


This post showed you 6 easy tips for waking up early in college.
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