What is the moment trying to teach you?


I’m aware that being stagnant or not acting upon your ideas and motivation makes me feel like I’m not doing enough or I’m failing because I’m not taking action. While part of me does still believe this, I’ve decided that it may be beneficial for me to take the time to reflect on the situation and ask myself “what is the moment trying to teach me?”

When I started this blog I was on an upwards trajectory and felt like nothing could get me down because I dealt with most of my demons. As I’ve learned, life always finds a way to try to break you – but in reality, these things are meant to make you stronger. I’m not sure how much progress I thought I would’ve made by now in my career but I’ve decided to take a moment and reflect on why I’m struggling to get over the obstacle of stagnation.

I believe that everything happens for a reason so I don’t feel overwhelmed or stuck anymore. I think God works in mysterious ways and he has a plan for me to live out my destiny and achieve everything I aspire to accomplish.

I think this obstacle is posing a problem because I’ve been too busy with busy work and not productive work. A key part of life is finding a balance between the things you have to do and the things you love to do/the things that are good for you. Unfortunately, I tipped the scale but I’m ready to find the balance. Whenever I get to this point where I’m not reflecting and growing I always feel stuck and unproductive because I know I should be working hard to keep the balance and nourish my mind instead of just keeping it occupied. Now that I’ve seen the effects I’m determined to not let this happen again.

Reflection is important for my mind to remain peaceful so I ought to start acting like it. Now on to the action items.

I need to:

  • FINISH READING THE BOOKS I’VE STARTED (for crying out loud dammit)
  • Visualize visualize visualize.
  • Find someone/people who have what I want and look at interviews and learn from them
I’m going to hold myself accountable and do progress checks from now on. Life is always going to keep me busy but I HAVE to strike that balance and nourish my mind.


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