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What to Do When You Feel Stressed in College

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Remember that time in college when one week you had nothing due… and then you blinked and had 4 exams, 3 group projects, 7 assignments, 2 papers, and a cure for cancer due in the same week?!!!!

Yeah, that’s going to happen at least 3 times a semester.

On top of that you probably have a job or two and other personal issues dealing with… and you might even be trying to have a social life too.

Stress is inevitable in college (and life) so we’re not about telling you to just stop stressing. Because, frankly that is impossible.

You are going to have breakdowns and moments of weakness in college.

What we aim to do is help you out with some ways to relieve stress and manage it better.

What to Do When You Feel Stressed in College

1. Walk away from the situation

First things first – get away from the situation as calmly and collected as you can.

We’re not saying to run away from your problems but take a step back if it’s getting you too stressed and come back to it after you’ve calmed down a little bit.

2. Distract yourself (for the time being)

Again, not saying “ignore the situation,” but rather give yourself a time limit to be distracted.

No point in getting yourself even more worked up because that’s not going to help.

Clear your head and come back to the situation when you’re ready.

3. Come up with a solution

So, what exactly is stressing you out and what can you do to prevent this from happening again and stressing you out more?

If it’s something unavoidable like just having a bunch of assignments due at once (which will happen many times in college), come up with a different approach so you don’t feel overwhelmed the next time around.

For example, if you know you’re going to have a TON of assignments/exams in March, try to start knocking things out of the way in February!

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4. Listen to music

Listening to some coffeehouse tunes or some acoustic melodies are sure to bring down the vibes to a calmer setting.

Orrr you can listen to pop/rap/hip-hop or any other genre of upbeat music to get you energized and put you in a better mood!

5. Meditate

Meditation helps you improve your focus over time and also reduces stress!

6. Take a nap!

Yep, we are condoning taking a nap if you are feeling just way too overwhelmed – but only if conditions call for it.

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7. Take yourself for a run

If you get kind of angry when you get stressed, exercise it out by blasting your angry mix and taking yourself for a run.

8. Dance it out!

Speaking of letting it loose, just jam in those AirPods and let the music take your mind and body away.

9. Plan on rewarding yourself

Whatever may be causing the stress that you have to go through, make a plan to give yourself a reward for getting through all of it as soon as it’s over.

You EARNED it!

10. Remember that this is going to be worth it!

One day you will be able to smile about the times that brought you to this very moment, even if they were stressful.

We almost never realize that stressful times are meant to build us up while we’re going through those tough times. But in hindsight, you’ll appreciate and celebrate it.

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11. Call someone you love

Silence your stress by giving someone you love a call to remind you to bring you a little bit of peace.

12. Get some puppy love!

If you, your neighbor, or someone near you (or even a local shelter!) has a puppy around, ask if you can hang out for some puppy loves.

13. Diffuse essential oils

Think what you will about essential oils, but you are guaranteed to feel relaxed after diffusing some lavender.

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14. Listen to a motivational podcast or TedTalk

Get yourself inspired with something motivational to keep yourself in check with what you need to do. 

15. Remember nothing lasts forever

You may feel this way now and it may be awhile until you feel better, but nothing like this ever lasts forever.

16. Think of past circumstances

Think about the last time you were feeling stressed and what you did to handle it.

If you feel like you didn’t handle it well, then consider this, you got through it!

And you will get through this stressful time too.

17. Scream and cry if you have to

I don’t know about you but I love a good cry every now and then if I’m feeling overwhelmed (and I’m not someone who cries easily).

Whether it’s in the comfort of your own bed or with your best friend – let it all out. There are actually tons of benefits in doing so.

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18. Write out what you’re feeling

For some, writing is beneficial to getting your point across and figuring out just where you are in the midst of this.

Things can feel all jumbled up in your mind and hard to process but writing helps you put things into perspective to better come up with a cause and solution.

19. Ask for help

If you feel that you are truly struggling, ask a loved one or a healthcare professional for advice or even help.

20. Get back to doing what you need to do

You have to get back on that horse sometime and ride again. It may not be easy, but you can do it.

Now that you’ve taken some time to evaluate why you’re feeling stressed out and what you can do about it, remember this:

If you’re going through a stressful time you can always add some balance to your life by doing something you love or one or more of the ways to relieve stress mentioned above.

If it’s too much, take a break.


And get back to business determined to get through it.

“Every flower must grow through dirt.”

– Laurie Sennott

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