Where to Shop for Dorm Room Stuff

A mother helping his son pick out furniture for his dorm room.

College can be quite a change for you if you plan to move away from home and live in a college dorm room. You will need essential things to make your space livable for the years to come. 

If you can’t be bothered to bring and haul your things to your dorm, maybe it’s best to include the things you need for your dorm in your college checklist. You will need all minor and significant items from bedding, curtains, rugs, furniture, appliances, and more. 

You can just focus on your things-to-buy list and stop asking yourself the question, “Where should I shop for dorm room stuff?” Shopping for these things can be pretty taxing, but we’re here to lessen the burden on you. 

Here are 23 great places where you can shop for your dorm room stuff.

Where to Shop for Dorm Room Stuff


If you know Jeff Bezos, you know that Amazon, founded in 1994, remains one of the most popular e-commerce companies that offer a wide range of products. Indeed, you can find most, if not all, of your dorm stuff on their website.

Suppose you’re looking to purchase smaller furniture, appliances like your desk lamp and coffee maker, and other dorm room essentials like your bedding and duvet cover. In that case, you can check out Amazon for affordable prices and shipping options. 


This is a screenshot of the Dormify website.

If you want something artsy and themed for your dorm room, Dormify is the place to shop. A mother and daughter duo founded Dormify in 2011 when shopping for a fashionable dorm room decor option but didn’t find it all in one shop.

They offer inspo design ideas you can use for your dorm room and buy all the things you need for it at Dormify. It’s a one-stop-shop that provides everything from your lights, bedding, to your throw pillow, down to your rugs, storage, and wall art. 


This is a screenshot of the Target website.

Target has been one of our favorite retail stores since its founding in 1946. The shop always offers the trendiest and up-to-date products you want. You have the option to shop for things you need in your dorm, from bath towels and bedding to your other room and study essentials. 


This is a screenshot of the Wayfair website.

In 2011, Niraj Shah and Steve Conine created Wayfair to give people a one-stop-shop when decorating their homes. Wayfair offers millions of products they could use to decorate and furnish your dorm room. 


This is a screenshot of the Society6 website.

Society6 was established in 2009 to give artists a free space to release their creative ideas while making money out of them. The company strives to continue its mission to share and celebrate art daily through the things we use. Society6 is a place where you can shop for wall art, home decor, bed and bath, as well as furniture and tabletops to furnish your college dorm room. 

Pottery Barn Teens – Dorm Shop

This is a screenshot of the Pottery Barn website.

Pottery Barn (PB) Teens started in 2003 to offer a complete collection of sturdy furniture and trendy home decor for teens. They have a dorm shop section where you can shop for everything you need in your college dorm room. 

Bed, Bath & Beyond

This is a screenshot of the Bed, Bath and Beyond website.

Founded in 1971, Bed, Bath & Beyond provides quality and trendy college dorm products you need to put in your room. You can head on to your local Bed, Bath & Beyond store or shop online. On their website, they have a “college” category where you can buy all products from XL bedding, towels and rugs, storage cabinets, lighting decor, furniture, and a lot more. 

Urban Outfitters

This is a screenshot of the Urban outfitters website.

Through a combination of trendy and up-to-date products, Urban Outfitters has continued to inspire retailers to live a life in comfort since 1970. You can shop for cute stuff at Urban Outfitters to put in your room and other essential things you need to have to keep your dorm room feeling homey. 

The Container Store

This is a screenshot of the The Container Store website.

The Container Store, founded in 1978, remains to be one of the leading merchants for products you can use as storage. This store is a perfect shop to visit when you’re looking to buy things to help you become organized and neat in college.

Dorm Decor

This is a screenshot of the Dorm Decor website.

Dorm Decor started as a mere idea around the kitchen table between two people. In 2014, this came to life when one of their products went viral on one social media platform. Until today, they continue to provide quality and stylish dorm decor that is tantamount to home decor. 


Founded in 2005, Etsy is a global marketplace that offers a wide range of cute and artsy products you will love to put in your dorm room. With Etsy, you can have your orders customized to your liking. 


This is a screenshot of the Walmart website.

For your daily essentials, you know Walmart is the place to go. Founded in 1962, the company has developed into a popular shopping place where you can buy everything, including your college dorm room essentials. 

Dorm Co

This is a screenshot of the Dorm Co website.

Dorm Co has been helping out first-year college students to make their dorm room a place closer to home since 2010. You have a broad range of dorm products and essentials selections you can choose to decorate your home for four years. 


This is a screenshot of the IKEA website.

If you’re looking for affordable dorm decor that you assemble yourself, IKEA is the place to go. Founded in 1943, IKEA continues to help make your stay in college a bit more comfortable. Most dormers have at least one item from IKEA in their dorm room. And if you ask them, they’ll surely recommend that you shop there as well. 

Home Goods

This is a screenshot of the Home Goods website.

In 1992, Home Goods started as a small chain and later grew to become one of the major home furnishing stores in the U.S. Furnishing your dorm room with an inspo-design has never been easier and fun until Home Goods products became available. 

Red Bubble

This is a screenshot of the Red Bubble website.

If you love shopping for print-on dorm room products, Red Bubble is a place to visit. Founded in 2006, the company sells products that come from an artist’s submitted work. You can shop for home and living products to furnish your room with. 

at home

This is a screenshot of the at home website.

Founded in 1979, at home has lane after lane of home furniture, decor, and appliances to decorate your dorm room. Their warehouse full of home products aims to give you options to make your place a cozy space to live in. 

Hobby Lobby

An American retail company founded in 1972, Hobby Lobby owns a chain of arts and crafts stores to help you decorate your home with style. You can buy storage and organization products in the store, among other dorm room stuff. 


This is a screenshot of the Kohls's website.

Founded in 1962, Kohl’s is an American department store that offers a wide range of products from home stuff to things you need for outdoor living, as well as jewelry and accessories. Shopping at Kohl’s for your dorm room essentials is more accessible as they have a reserved section where you can uncover all the things you need. 


This is a screenshot of the Ross website.

If you want to furnish your dorm room without spending too much, Ross can be a good place to start looking. Founded in 1982, the company offers affordable options for cute decors, sturdy furniture, and other dorm room essentials. 

Tapestry Girls

This is a screenshot of the Tapestry Girls website.

If you’re looking for cute and inspired-design tapestry and decor to hang on your room wall, Tapestry Girls has you covered. Founded in 2009, the company also offers beddings, lighting, and other dorm room essentials. 


This is a screenshot of the Overstock website.

Founded in 1999, Overstock is a primary furniture retailer. Whether you’re looking for colorful or plain decorations and furniture, Overstock will have many options you can choose from. 


This is a screenshot of the Anthropologie website.

Anthropologie is an American retailer that offers home furniture and decoration founded in 1992. You can shop for different dorm room products to give your room an exquisite vibe that matches your personal style. 

Designing and furnishing your dorm room is an investment in your uni life. You will be spending years in college, and making sure you live in a place with a good ambiance is essential—to create a space for learning and to lessen the feeling of homesickness.

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