Why I really started this blog


After evaluating my life and really thinking, I’ve decided to publish my blog (or diary – because that’s what it’s really been for me). I thought about starting from scratch and posting advice and other stuff but that didn’t align with the vision I had for my blog. I felt the need to share my thoughts because after talking to some of my friends I realized that many of them are experiencing the same things I’ve been talking about in my posts. I don’t claim to know everything or that I have my life together, but I do see value in sharing my journey and being relatable/helping people.


Now I have to be honest, I did delete a few posts (probably about 5) because of how short or personal they were (mainly if it was too specific or obvious who I was talking about). I’m very introspective so I do a lot of self-reflection, but I don’t really discuss that with other people. I haven’t actually told a soul most of what I posted about – mainly because of the fact that I don’t feel obligated to discuss my life with others, and I’m also a very private person when it comes to certain things.


Anyway, you can read the about section to find out what my blog is about and other general info about me. Let me explain how I got into blogging in the first place.


How I got into blogging

Caution: embarrassing material ahead!
When I was younger (like early teen years) I was really into graphic designing and creating websites/blogs just so I could design them. No really, if I saw multiple themes that I liked I would create multiple blogs so I could use them all. The content was definitely trash but I’ve always been excited about starting new projects and having to design them in some way, shape or form. Now because I clearly don’t care about my reputation, I’m going to share the ones that still exist. They aren’t published, they’re password protected because I didn’t want to delete them (again, hoarder) so I’ll insert screenshots below.


#1: Media Madness: “Crazy internet stuff!”

In this one, I blogged about things that were trending on social media/television. I even made a review of Rebecca Black – Friday and iCarly’s iOMG episode. (I understand if you close this page now)


I should honestly be arrested for thinking this was acceptable. Do y’all see my twitter username? I can’t with myself right now.


#2: Hailey’s World: “My Personal Life ; Blogged. Views of life by a typical 14 year old. And other random things about my day.”
Now let’s discuss this atrocity for a second. First of all, please keep in mind that I was 14 years old. Now, all grammar errors aside, I could literally throw up. To the third point – I honestly don’t even remember who I was talking about but girl please get it together. However, I totally understand if you’re about to click off my blog after reading this. I don’t blame you.


Anyway, luckily I got my life together after that. Now, moving on.


Why I started this blog

Ever since I took a keen interest in blogging I’ve searched high and low for bloggers I can relate to. I’m a college senior that’s about to take on adulthood after I graduate and I wanted blogs that would help me through the process. I wanted to read about other people’s experiences and gets some tips on my transition.

But I couldn’t find any.

So I thought, why not start one myself?

The unique thing about this blog is that I help college seniors transition into adulthood as I learn this lessons real time. I use my experiences to help your journey be a little easier.

You can read more about my blog here.

So while you’re here, be sure to check out my college tips and the growth lessons I’ve learned along the way. I also help out with the best blogging tips I’ve discovered in my blogging journey so far because blogging can be tough!


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